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PCI For Dell Vostro 230 ST. Need Wireless Upgrade

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Thanks for looking into this issue for me. I have a slim tower and was wondering if they make low profile PCI wireless cards or if I need one? I run off of usb to get wi-fi now and it is annoying. It disconnects all the time and is slow for the 60mbps internet I have. So with that being said can I get any kind of PCI card or do I have some restrictions with my Dell Vostro 230 Slim model (smaller version of the 230 models) I’m looking for an upgrade and some what affordable. definitely N-150 or higher.

Thanks for the help everybody, If you need anymore information please let me know!


This is something I want. will it fit? And be compatible?…


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  1. If you buy an internal Wifi card make sure there is provision for an external antenna extension cable. Sometimes cards behind a metal PC case can be bad at picking up a signal.
    You might want to consider PowerLine adapters whereby the domestic power acts as a cable. I’ve found they are inexpensive and work well, better than wireless.

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