Painfully Slow upload speed on 1 computer

Alienware / Alienware
July 5, 2009 at 15:40:33
Specs: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, 3 GHz / 2045 MB
Hi guys,

Ok let me explain the setup in my house, Wireless router from server desktop supplying cable internet access to 3 other computers. Affected PC just mine.

My ping on multiplayer games suddenly went through the roof for no apparent reason. I at first assumed it was ISP provider doing something over the july4th weekend. I then went and had them reset the modem line.

I thought I was ok as when I did their download/upload speed check, I was wrong. It would appear that it's just 1 PC that is suffering from very slow upload speeds avg. 56kbps on a 8mb line whereas the other 2 client PC's are getting around 250kbps upload rates.

To make things even more confusing my upload speeds are fluctuating on this from 56 - 250kbps but mostly staying low.

The steps i've taken are as follows
1)Had the modem reset by my ISP, which involved cycling the router.
2) Checked the other PC's download/upload speeds via the same website/program, indicating it's just 1 PC.
3) Removed my USB wireless adapter and replaced it with a PCI wireless adapter to no effect on upload speeds.
4) Run Spybot Search & Destroy along with Spywareblaster to scan an immunise my system.

I'm currently running virus checks through Malwarebyte's & AVG but of course it's taking a long time....

Is there anyone out there with any suggestions?

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July 5, 2009 at 21:20:38
well once again solved my own problem lol

MalwareBytes & AVG both found questionable items, AVG finding a Trojan embedded in a restore point (that I did a day or 2 ago for another problem).

All is fixed thankfully.

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