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June 1, 2016 at 08:39:32
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I have been appointed a tech support role for a business of around 20 users all on a workgroup , no domain or active directory . It is an adhoc network all with different machines , laptops and phones

There is currently a slow Netgear NAS drive on the network , here spreadsheets , pdf's , videos and much more is stored here . Currently users have file paths mapped to their client machines so that their work is saved to the NAS in a certain folder .

Our Senior members of staff want to access this NAS drive while working at home or during a business meeting , even from tablets and Smartphones . Currently this has not been set up for remote access. Historically the NAS did have a Net-gear operating system which allowed remote access through a very clunky interface however - though this would be too difficult for most poeple here , hence why no one uses it remotely yet

The vision I had was to have the NAS backed up and synced ( real time) with a cloud solution ( Dropbox / Google Drive /Box) . I imagined that staff could then work from home and see the files and folders which have been synced with the NAS . This I would imagine be able to accessed from thier laptop / tablet or phone and also rewrite the NAS storage where a file had been updated

Our fear currently is that the NAS Drive fails , that all this valuable business data would be lost . I can see some challenges which Cloud storage could bring, for example permissions , security ect

I would like to hear from anyone who could guide me to make the right choice

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June 1, 2016 at 08:59:02
Dealing with this item - at least...

Our fear currently is that the NAS Drive fails , that all this valuable business data would be lost . I can see some challenges which Cloud storage could bring, for example permissions , security etc.

Wise to ensure that you have another drive which is used to back up the server locally; and frequently. I have a QNAPs TS210 (twin drives - Mirrored) which is is fine; but it's also backed up on a usb connected drive. The usb-drive is not permanently attached; nor is it networked. It is also scanned for pests when it is attached and data transferred to it.

Personally I don't completely trust cloud systems; they can be hacked... (ask some of the celebs who have learn this to their cost...). Cloud systems "can" fail; although the better systems are allegedly backed up locally; but why risk the one you may use not being backed up properly?

Also anything seriously important, duplicate the data on DVD at intervals; and also verify the copies on a regular basis. Some might even suggest make two sets of the DVDs, update one of them (think of it a set-A); retain the other (set-B) as is - for a short while. Then at some later (not too later) time, update set-B and retain set-A as is - for now. Then update set-A and leave set-B as is - and so on...

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June 1, 2016 at 09:00:47
It sounds as if you have no form of backup of your NAS device. This is a very serious error which needs to be addressed immediately. As for remote access to your data, this is fraught with security implications.

I would strongly recommend that you hire a consultant to look at your current setup and suggest how you can achieve what you want to. If your data is at all important to the company this is far better than asking for advice on a forum.

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June 7, 2016 at 07:05:44
I have started a full backup today of the NAS drive . The NAS drive was set up and deployed by a IT consultant .

I think principanlly the business needs a server , due to the need for creating private secure file directories and restricted access settings - these could be done though AD on server . However To be honest I have had not a huge deal of experience with servers but would prefer a server over a NAS drive . I am sure this is something I could work through while Migrating The NAs Contecnts over

I understand the purpose of Active Directories for setting up file shares . I know some of the software requires a server , such as Sage . I think the Server would be more adaptable to business needs over time

I know a NAS drive has it's advantages such as Easy set up . However the a file server requires a little more thought .

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June 7, 2016 at 07:17:23
Regardless of how you proceed re' a server (or not), ensure your current NAS is frequently backed up; and anything really critical is also duplicated to DVD as well... And laso regularly verify/check and update the DVD copies too...

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