On my 2pc 1 printer LAN, 1 PC lost Internet

Dell / GX270
December 17, 2010 at 12:29:44
Specs: Windows XP, P4 1GB
I have 2 Optiplex PCs & 1 HP LaserJet on a Netgear router sharing a wireless internet connection. Yesterday I got a IP address conflict message. I found that one of the PC's IP changed to the same as the other. I fixed that but now the one that changed has no Internet. It shows up in the Router Config, it can print to the network printer and it shows up on "My network places" but it can not access the internet. What's going on here?

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December 17, 2010 at 13:11:08
Before you do anything else, check to ensure both PC's network interface are set to "obtain an IP address automatically" (DHCP) and reboot them and test both for connectivity.

If they both work, we're done. If the one still doesn't work, open a command prompt window on both (ie: Start >> Run >> type cmd and hit Enter) and perform the following command on both:

ipconfig /all

Post the output in a response here.

Click on my name above in my response and read my "how-to" titled. "Post the output of ipconfig (version 2)" for info on the easy way to copy/paste the data in a command prompt window.

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December 17, 2010 at 18:44:00
Hi Curt,

You were right the "obtain an IP address automatically" became unchecked and the DNS entries were gone. I selected IP auto & copied the DNS settings from the working PC & bingo, there it is. I know the setting were there when I set up the network but something happened to change the IP address, DHCP & the DNS settings. Have you seen this before? What can cause this. It has been really windy here & the power has gone out several times with the PCs on. I think I better get a UPS.

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