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July 6, 2013 at 09:55:49
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Hello Forum,

I have a P to P Hand held system question...
I heard that Damn Small Linux, Now has a server structure.

My question is:
Can we structure a dual core handheld machine, (Like the iPod touch)
To run a DSL server on one core, And the standard DSL On the other core ?…

But I don't know who to ask :-)
This seems like a sophisticated forum, could one of you folks direct me?

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July 6, 2013 at 10:22:20

In a system with a multi core processor, be it a hand hand held tablet or a desktop server, it is the operating system that determines which tasks the individual cores perform, the user has no control over the tasking of each core.

I think you are misunderstanding what DSL is. DSL (Digitial Subscriber Line) is a communication protocol between your Modem and the equipment at the other end of your telephone line. The computers itself know nothing about DSL, it is all done within the modem.

What I suspect you mean is an HTTP server. But even so, the first paragraph still applies. It is the Operating System that controls the hardware, not the application software. The operating system acts as a link between the hardware and the application. What you are suggesting would by pass the Operating System functions.


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July 6, 2013 at 10:37:51
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DSL=damn small Linux not broadband

How to install Linux on ipod touch

I am not seeing any "cores" in the ARM cpu

So yes you can load Linux but no you can't determine what cpu its run on nor can you do virtualization which could allow you to set which core it runs on.

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July 7, 2013 at 14:13:29

Boy, I got the right forum :-)
Thank you, thank you all!

About a dozen years ago when I retired from nursing…
I decided to build an application that would help nurses do paperwork…
Because paperwork is what Nurses do the most.
I had been an electronics tech in the Air Force…(Vietnam)
I thought it should take about three months :-)

Several YEARS later, I designed the system using off-the-shelf applications...
(On my PalmPilot :-)
I do not code so the backend (The office/insurance part) didn't get hooked up...

To my great good fortune another nurse took the exact same system as mine…
and had the backend coding done (Everything worked, nurses could do 2 to 3 times the amount of work because they didn't have to do the paperwork)

At this point I knew I was onto something BIG (I discovered peer-to-peer)
It is true that nurses do more paperwork than anything…
But what nurses do best is NETWORKING.

If someone can give Nurses a peer to peer handheld… That will allow them to Network on the fly and do the paperwork… It will change nursing forever ... REALLY

My thinking was that a full time server, in combination with the Dam Small Linux, might be the answer... or at least a good step in the right direction :-)

can anyone here suggest a way to develope such a tool for Nursing ?

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