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No WAN Lights On D-Link Router – No Connection To Internet

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No lights on USB, wan1, 2 or 3′ – no connection to internet. Computer is connected to router by adsl, there are, there are no lights on USB , Wan 1, 2 or 3 on the router. Adsl is connected to Wan 1.


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  1. Presumably you have powered cycled the router? Can you also check if the power/ac-adapter is delivering correct volts? These little plug in power modules fail more often than many realise…

    On most routers this either a single led that indicates the (a)dsl signal is present – and this will flash (typically orange) when powering up and awaiting the handshake to say the account is established (PPoE) – when it will stablise (and possibly change colour from typically to green or blue) On others there may be two lights – one for the (a)dsl signal being present, and another when the handshake/PPoE is established… Usually the leds are green when things are established; or sometime even blue…?

    I can’t find on UK or USA sites a DSL 2780; can find a DSL 2680…

    Presuming yours is similar to that model (if not that model…) then second from the right on the front is an led that indicates the handshake/PPoE has been established (steady green if OK; steady red if not). Third from the right is the (a)dsl led; steady green means it’s there; flashing means it’s looking for it and not yet found it or synchronised).

    If the adsl signal isn’t there – i.e. the led is flashing/not steady… – there “may” be a problem with the incoming signal. It could be the cable from the wall point to the router (test cable by substitution?); could be actual wall point itself (the Master Socket – though not that common a failure…); could be the actual point of entry to your home – connections within the Master Socket (not that common); or outside where ever it arrives to enter the property (quite a common problem). If your service is over copper (phone wires…) do you have a working land-line phone connection even though the (a)dsl isn’t working? If no phone (and usually it is there when your (a)dsl is working…) you have problem with the incoming line – and likely outside… Typical issue is corrosion on the terminals “outside” of your property – either just where arrives at your property; or in the street cabinet; or on the pole that serves your property….

    It may be as simple… as “a failed router…” They do die as/when. I have had two from SKY in the UK go down; or more accurately one died totally, the other its ac-adapter died (lost volts…). To check your router either take your router to another premises where you can simply plug it into known working service… If the (a)dsl led flashes etc. – likely the router is OK – it won’t establish the handshake of course as it won’t be on your service/account. Similarly borrow another known good router; plug it into your service and see if it detects the incoming signal… Perhaps even try to enter your account details to login properly to your account?

    My money initially is on the router or its ac-adapter…; pending what leds show and if the power on self-test routine shows not all is well. Do you have the manual and if so have you read through the sections that deal with what the leds show; how it powers up and so on?

    I note that TalkTalk in the UK use this router; are you in the UK and with Talk Talk? And as there doesn’t appear to be a manual around for this model, it inclines me to wonder if it’s one badged/tweaked by D-link for TalkTalk…? Presuming you are with TalkTalk… have you had a chat with their support? I have a colleague who is with them; have to say he isn’t too impressed overall and when his contract runs out he “will” be switching to another isp. But it wouldn’t hurt to check withyour isp; especially if “they” provided the router…

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