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Networking issues (isp, or client side prob?)

July 1, 2011 at 19:17:29
Specs: windows 7, unk
I am working on a friends home network. They have a wireless internet service provider(speednet)as they live out in the country.

The issue is, they are unable to connect to the internet wirelessly on their laptop. Their son is home from college and he can pull wireless internet just fine with his laptop. Their desktop which is wired to the router will not pull internet, but will pull an ip address just fine.

I see no viruses causing this.

The laptop that will not pull wireless internet at her home, will connect wirelessly just fine at my home.

I have called the ISP, they claim it is a router issue. I have confirmed the router settings match their specifications, and have brought along and tried my own router and entered the same configuration. I recieve the same results.

The laptop will connect to the internet only while plugged in.
she also mentioned she had a work computer that would not connect wirelessly as well (i had not inspected that computer)

things i have checked are:
No other wireless networks available as there are no houses within a mile any direction.
the wireless router signal is not encrypted, so no passwords are needed to connect.
I have deleted all previously used/saved wireless network spots from her computer.
the network adapter settings are all set to obtain everything automatically on all computers
i have ran a complete malwarebytes scan on both computers which yielded 0 results.

What would possibly cause a wired desktop to not connect to the internet, a laptop to only connect while wired, and another laptop to connect wirelessly just fine?

any help/suggestions would be very appreciated, this is apparently beyond me, so i must conclude that it is the isp since i can connect just fine on another.

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July 2, 2011 at 10:18:47
Power lines or broadcasting towers in the area?

"Their son is home from college and he can pull wireless internet just fine with his laptop." -- N or G wireless in his laptop? Or cell service?

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July 3, 2011 at 18:19:03
certainly power lines in the area, and it wouldnt be cell service on their sons laptop, its definately connected to the linksys routers network.

As far as wireless n or g on either laptop, im not sure. however, i was under the impression they were all reverse compatible.

Could you point out how that would have an effect on picking up a wireless signal. And would that also explain why the desktop has no internet whilst plugged in?

I have on past computers repaired the winsock, but im not entirely sure how/why that fixes internet connections at times. would this be worth a try?

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July 4, 2011 at 08:32:45
High voltage power lines cause interference. Especially those that link substations. It cuts down on the range (interferrence / static). Neighborhood lines - not so much.
Wireless G is a lower frequency than N. Not fully interchangable, but they will talk at the lowest common setting. More than anything, the frequency has a lot to do with reception / bandwidth. Some areas work better with one or the other.
If signal strength is not the issue, it points to the machine. Winsock is a good place to start. It has everything to do with the Internet transfer protocol.
May have to go so far as removing the device in device manager, shut down, remove hardware and follow the original install instructions for the device. Some want the software installed first. Others don't matter. Sometimes something as simple as putting the adapter in a different slot will fix it (new hardware address). Either way, always point the install to the CD or directory for a fresh copy of the driver. Windows or a rouge application may have corrupted the one it copied: who knows.
The utility applications that come with the wireless device are handy tools too! See what you have to work with. If one of the utility apps shows signal strenght to be good, it definitely is something in the software.

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July 8, 2011 at 15:23:29
thank you for the help, ill give that a try

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