Networking Hardware advise (WiFi range issue)

February 27, 2011 at 23:33:08
Specs: vista premium
Hi, i am trying to connect to my cities wifi. The computer i am trying to connect is in my basement on the backside of my house. The closest part of my property to the cities signal is my garage, where i can barely connect with my laptop. my options that i can think of so far are to get an external wifi adapter and a high gain antenna and run a couple 33ft usb extension cables and try to the antenna close to a window on the front of the house. The problems i see with this are that it would get quite costly to get it close enough and having a bunch of cables running on the floor. I have cat5 running everywhere in the house and also running to the garage, is there a product that get a wifi signal and run it over some cat5 back to my computer?

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February 28, 2011 at 07:13:16
You could use an old computer in the garage and connect it to your antenna and then in turn to a Cat5 cable to the house.

Also, there are antenna's that are network capable. They'd likely be a little more expensive, but you could connect the Cat5 cable directly to it after setting the antenna up. Plug the other end of it (in the house) into a SOHO router (best way to go) or directly into your PC.

If you buy a wireless capable SOHO Router, you could provide internet to your whole house via wired and compared to plugging directly into one PC and that's the only one able to access the internet.

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