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Network with Server For Business Use

March 15, 2010 at 20:06:41
Specs: Windows XP
I have a small business currently running 6 computers. I have a cable connection through comcast that connects to their box. Out of that box a either-net / cat cable plugs into my 4 port router. 3 ports go to my front counter computers one of which I use as a make shift server to house my quickbooks enterprise solutions main file. This computer has 2 hard drives that mirror each other. The last outlet of the router goes to another router located in the back of my store which feeds my other computers.

Here are my problems:

1). Wires everywhere
2). When other computers try to access my quickbooks file it must jam up the routers or something because it aborts the quickbooks program on the other computers (not the server). I need this to stop happening.
3). Also it is slow to work with quickbooks on other computers I assume because they are trying to access the file through multiple routers.

Ok so here is what I am looking for some advise on what to buy and how to wire it up. I think I need to switch everything to one fast router but I don't know which one with so many options. Another thought is to put another network card in my server for outgoing and incoming signals.

Any suggestions and or diagrams would be helpful. I do have some money to throw at this problem but don't want to waste it on the wrong stuff.

Also my "server" is just a PC that is fast with extra cooling fans so If I need a proper server let me know I just need to fix this. Its not very productive for my computers to keep loging out my employees.

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March 16, 2010 at 05:39:19
I would stay away from multiple network cards. Your problem is the second router. You should have a switch instead.

Modem > router > switch > all PCs. That will stop the data collisions.

If you still need a better "server", keep in mind the MS server software & licensing isn't cheap but that's up to you. An NAS device might be a better choice.

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March 16, 2010 at 05:50:35
Guapo is giving you good advice. If all your PC's have 1000 Mbps network interfaces, get a 1000 Mbps switch. This will improve performance greatly.

You could neaten the cables up several ways and I'm sure you could think of them yourself without any help if you take some time and look things over.

Just an FYI, or 3:

- a network cable consists of 4 pairs of wires, it is not referred to as a "wire" itself
- it's "ethernet" not "either-net "
- the term "cat" is short for 'category'. Network cables come in different categories. The most used at present time are Cat 5e (ie: category 5e) and Cat 6.

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March 16, 2010 at 06:52:51
I had bought a switch before I got the second router, the problem is all the computers on the switch had internet service but they couldn't access the quickbooks file or share information. Was I doing something wrong? I guess what I'm asking is should I just get one big router to do what I need or is that wrong?

Thanks for the advise

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March 16, 2010 at 07:15:17
A switch should work. If computers plugged in to the switch had internet, they should have also had LAN access to your program.

They don't make SOHO Routers with more than 4 ports and essentially, if you purchase an 8 port switch and plug it into one of the router's LAN ports, it's the same thing as adding more LAN ports to the router.

You need to hook the switch up and plug the clients into it again. Then check. If you have access to your software all is well. If you don't, plug one client PC back into a LAN port on the router and check it. If it does work you'll then want to open a command prompt window on the working PC and one that doesn't (ie: Start >> Run >> type cmd and hit Enter) and run the following command on both:

ipconfig /all

Post the output in here.

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