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Network Settings Do Not Match The Wireless Router Settings.

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Apparently, that’s the problem, even though I have successfully added the network manually, using the same settings as my other laptop which has no trouble connecting. So now, the network appears in my “Connect to a wireless network” box, but whenever I try to connect, it says “Windows cannot connect to *name of network*” So when I troubleshoot the problems, it states “Check your wireless settings. Make sure your computer is in range of *Network* and that the network settings match the wireless router or access point settings.” I KNOW it’s in range because my other computer is connected properly right next to this one. So it must be a problem with my network settings. Though I don’t see how that can be because my settings on both computers are exactly the same, but one’s connected and one’s not. Could the problem simply be that I haven’t logged on to my router online to add this computer to the network?


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  1. I would check MAC filtering and see if it is enabled in your router. If so, you will have to manually add the computer to the MAC address list.

    Also, what operating system are you running. I would try removing the wireless profile in Windows them try reconnecting to your wireless connection.

    You would open control panel, then network and sharing center, then manage wireless connections. Remove your saved wireless connection and then try and reconnect. It should prompt you for the WPA passphrase. Enter that and see if it allows you to connect.

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