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November 10, 2010 at 12:01:47
Specs: Windows 2003 server

I have a small network with win2K3 DC running proxy for internet sharing, 8 nodes, HP switch and DSL line configured as below.

Internet->DSL modem(running DHCP)->Server NIC1 + proxy + NIC2( static ip)->switch->nodes (all with static ips 10.0.0.xx/
*Not using DHCP on the internal (10.0.0.x) network, DNS running on win2K3 srvr.
*All nodes have gateway and DNS specified as - ip of win2K3 server running proxy.

I wish to intsall a router with firewall and change the network to -
Internet->DSL modem(running DHCP or static)->router->switch ->Server( static ip) & nodes (all with static ips 10.0.0.xx/

My queries are,
1. Can i provide a static IP to the internal side of the router or is DHCP required for the internal network? If DHCP is necessary, my undersanding is it be better for the win2K3 server to act as DHCP server, since it is already running DNS.
2. What gateway / route settings would be required on the nodes for accessing the internet and internal resources?

Thanks and regards.

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November 10, 2010 at 12:35:56
1. you can do all static on the lan side

2. same as you have it now except for gateway its the router. dns would still point to the servers ip.

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November 11, 2010 at 06:07:46
Thanks wanderer !

After evaluating both options, i have finally decided to use DHCP on the internal network. Will remove all ips from clients and change to automatic settings...better to do it now before network grows.
Guess that will take care of specifying gateway / DNS issue on nodes.

Have a question regarding DHCP.
* The server is a DC with Active Directory and DNS service running.
* Would it be better to run DHCP on the router or the server. What will happen to the DNS on the server? Is it required if DHCP is running from router ?

I am not an expert at using router and switches together and hence need your help / opinion for the issue below.
* Server and all nodes are connected to a HP Procurve408 un-managed switch.
* Is there a way to restrict internal traffic between nodes and server to the switch and only internet traffic goes through to the router? Will the switch automatically learn the route and do this or else the router will effectively handle all requests and router <->switch connection will have have heavier traffic, sort of a bottleneck.

Your opinion / suggestion would be very helpful.

Thanks and regards.

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