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Network Connection Keeps Dropping

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I have a Freenas Server 7.2. setup on an AMD XP dual 4400/ASUS mobo, 4GBm w/ dual 1.5 TB HDD – its just storing media files used simply for home media music/videos. It has been extremely stable for 1.5yrs until the last week. Now, the network connection drops every 5min requiring a reboot > reconnects, only to lose connection again.

It was connected via onboard lan before and even replaced connection w/ using another NIC.

It has always been configured under DHCP as recommended by Freenas, however I’ve also tried assigning static IP with the same connection drop problem.

My router (DLink-DIR655) is extremely stable and supports multiple connections throughout my house.

Running out of options…. any help or other suggestions greatly appreciated.


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  1. does it have a gateway entry in tcp/ip properties?
    if so it maybe virus/malware infected. have you scanned for these?
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