Netgear router R6020 power outage now will not connect to in

August 18, 2020 at 05:20:32
Specs: Android
Netgear router R6020 orange light on no internet connection after power outage. I can't even login to Netgear Genie app. I've done reset on modem & router numerous times contacted my ISP they did a check everything good on there end! I even cracked the screen to my 55inc tv last night trying to fix this mf of a problem Ive spent hours & hours trying to fix it. What do I need to do Im not at all a tech or computer person I just know the basics so PLEASE HELP ME! PLEASE

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August 18, 2020 at 06:53:13
Perhaps start by going go back to basics...

Do you have your isp account login/password details (in-case of need)?

This is a wifi router – it has no built-in router; i.e. you have a separate modem and that feeds this router?

(Incidentally since wifi is usually disabled by default on many routers out of the box - unless the isp provided the router and set it to be on when delivered.

Are you trying to configure the router as if new; and if so how are you going about it?

If you connect your computer directly to the modem’s (usually single) ethernet port – what happens; what do you see?

Is the cable between the modem and your isp connection – sound; have you tried using another known good one?

Are you connecting your computer to the router via cat-5/ethernet cable or not. Regardless use an ethernet cable plugged into any one of the four identical ports on the router. Don’t consider wifi aspect until you get it all working via ethernet. The blue port is to connect the router to a modem.

Is the cable between the modem and the router also sound; have you tried another known good one?

Computer connected to the modem – first... what do you see?

If you cannot get online via the modem’s (single) ethernet port – that problem has to be addressed first. Until the modem is giving access to the internet – there’s no way you’ll get online using the router (when it’s connected to the modem). Remember that your router is a router only – no built-in modem of its own. The single ethernet port on a modem must show/give access to the internet (via the isp service) – first; after-which one can attach a router and share that single feed...

Check the modem first; ensure it is allowing internet access on its single (only) ethernet port.

For later...

Computer connected to router as earlier above what happens if you type in the (access) ip address for the router’s management pages?

R6020 ip address =

user/login name = admin; password = password

Both are case sensitive (according to Netgear etc.)

Can you now access the management/admin areas of the router?

This is the manual for your router; page 22 may be a good staring point?

Use the ip address above rather than the posted:

Incidentally I can see no references to an orange light in teh manual for your router; but it’s possible they simply failed to include it... My Sky router shows solid orange on the incoming dsl (isp) service indicator – before starting to flash orange whilst it makes a secure connection; at which piont it turns solid white.

These links also discuss the ornage light event on a netgear router...

The last one actually refers to power indicator flashing orange...? It may be worth reading that last link a few times? It doesn’t specify a particular Netgear router (router only or modem with router) but who knows?

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August 18, 2020 at 07:17:21
Thank you for responding I have a Linksys CM3008 modem which is properly working I even switched out the blue cable to modem & router to see if it was that already & it wasn't. I dont have a computer but a cell phone & the Netgear Genie app not allowing me to login the circle just keeps spinning & spinning. So I down loaded the Nighthawk app & it couldnt figure out the problem. I contacted my ISP & they did a check & every thing is good there too! So I dont know what to do I already broke cracked the screen to my 55in tv trying to fix this F'n problem its so frustrating.

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August 18, 2020 at 08:05:01
Have you tried Default/preset login on your phone!!??
Check the sticker on the bottom of the modem for login details

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August 18, 2020 at 09:05:12
I definitely need to know which light is orange??

Orange on a network interface typically means it's not connected at it's maximum rate. Which is to say, if it's a 10/100/1000 interface and you're only connecting at 100, then it'll light up orange whereas it would be green if it connected at 1000. The orange light may, or may not have anything to do with your issue but it's still something I'll want to know.

Can you login into your router as per trvlr's response? If not, that's a major issue.

Your ISP can only connect to the modem if you own the router. With combo units (ie: router and modem in one) they can usually get into both the router and the modem. So I suspect the issue is your router since your ISP reported their equipment (the modem) was working properly.

If you've tried resetting your router to factory defaults and you're still not connecting then the power outage may have damaged your router. If you can get your hands on another router that you know works, try it as a test. If it works, you've confirmed your router is dead and in need of being replaced.

As an aside, a good surge supressor can prevent damage due to power spikes. I'm not talking a cheap "power bar" here...........I'm talking an actual device that suppresses surges. There's a difference and the one is going to cost more than the other. When it comes to electronics, be it my TV/Home theater system, or my computer, my router, my modem, I have them all connected to APC (brand name) BackUPS devices (BackUPS 750) This does the above surge suppression and provides a battery backup and some conditioning which helps with brown outs and short outages or voltage bumps.

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August 18, 2020 at 13:53:40
You are using wifi connections only - no computer available either?

My money at this moment is on the wifi aspect/service on the router being (by default and after a rest) disabled; thus no means of connecting to it.

Can you borrow a computer (laptop of course is easier) and access the router that way - using the ethernet connections as previous (and also in the manual - page 22 onwards).

Even take your router (with its power cable of course) to a friend's house and connect to their computer - using the ip address and login/password as posted above. It won't affect their system. You don't need to connect their network system to your router; only connect your router to one of their computers via ethernet.

Once you do that you ought to be able to access the wifi setup pages and re-enable wifi...

Having done that - note the SSID and access key for wifi service on the router; that's the information you need to know and use to connect any wifi device to the router via wifi.

Ensure you save the settings!

Power down the router and return to your home. Reconnect router to modem and power it up. All things being equal (and the router hasn't been damaged by the sudden power outage) you ought to be able to see the internet.

Ideally you need a computer of some sort to setup a router - definitely for it's wifi services.

You have smart phone - presumably it's either an iPhone or decent Android? There is a simple way to connect those to a router - via ethernet.

These youtubes show you how for both iPads/iPhones; and there's similar method for Androids too.


Essentially for either type of phone/tablet you need a usb adapter (actually a hub) with an ethernet port included; that's the key item. IPhones/iPads use the standard Apple adapter to connect it to their kit; Android need the OTG adapter .

The above videos discuss both system.

I have successfully tested/used the Apple adapter with two different makes of usb hub (with ethernet port included) to connect my iPhone and iPad to y router via ethernet. It works even via the homeplug system tool

Once you have an ethernet connection to your "smart" phone you in effect have a mini computer... But ideally get a simple laptop for these situations; even a very basic one.

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August 18, 2020 at 14:03:21
And yes re' the orange light...

Curt's comments there are important. If the power indicator flashes orange it means something quite different to the orange led for the network indicator flashing. That is unless Netgear are using the same led for two purposes (cost cutting..) .

Incidentally a Sky provided Sage all in one router (modem and router combined) would sometimes flash orange if the power adapter is /was faulty... and if i remember correctly other led indicators would go nuts too...

If you have access to known good power adapter for the Netgear (ensure its compatible, the correct voltage and so on) you could try with that? Though as above my money just now is on the wifi being disabled following the reset.

And you could have both situations present; faulty power supply/adapter for the Netgear and the wifi has been turned off after the reset.

Try the visiting a friend first?

If still no joy then consider a test with a replacement Netgear power adapter?

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August 19, 2020 at 06:44:30
It's the internet led light that suppose to turn green & stays green when it connected to the internet but it's a amber color which stays on I used different cables, my ISP everything is working well on there end & the modem is working properly as well. The Netgear Genie I cant log on. I dont have a computer but a cell phone wich uses Android . Im at a loss?

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August 19, 2020 at 06:54:07
I think u might b right that the router is dead I've tried everything. I just took it off a surge protector because I felt it was being over loaded The surge protector I had it on was a good quality one. Dam I even cracked the screen to my 55inch TV trying to plug in a Lan cable into it. My new 65Inc tv is arriving today so Im just gonna go get a new router as well & make sure its on a surge protector! THANK YOU SO MUCH for taking time out of ur day to try & help me I very much appreciate it to you & everyone else that tried to help me God Bless you all! Thanks

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August 19, 2020 at 06:58:09
As above... Either ask a friend to logon to your router using his/her computer (connected to it via ethernet); or possibly get usb-hub with ethernet port and use that - connected to your phone via usb and the router into the ethernet port. Using the hub approach may allow you do set up the router - but it will be less than simple as the phone's keyboard and mouse equivalent aren't as convenient as if a real keyboard and mouse - and a computer proper.

The youtube videos in my previous post show how to use a usb hub etc. to let your use your phone via ethernet; and thus connect to the internet - or in this case to your modem?

Is there a local computer store who might also help out; all you need is to use computer for a few minutes to access the router's setup pages.

Page 17 in the user manual is where you get the information how to setup the router to use your isp service.

The manual gives various ways to set this up; but... they all require an ethernet connection to the router from a computer; as the wifi is (usually) off by default. Wifi can only be enabled by logging onto the outer from a computer connected to it via an ethernet cable.

"Any" computer will do for this setup - as it's not going online; that is unless you use one of the methods Netgear suggest which do require going online.

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