need help setting belkin router to xbox360??

Belkin Surf n300 wireless n router
January 22, 2011 at 12:22:26
Specs: mac
i am trying to connect my xbox360 to my belkin surf n300 router via ethernet cable and my xbox360 cant recognize or get onto my network. i have manually entered the ip address the submask and gateway numbers, idk if they are 100% correct but any help would be appreciated...

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January 22, 2011 at 16:21:50
"idk if they are 100% correct"

Well if they are even 1% wrong they won't work.

Using a PC that is successfully connected to the router run ipconfig /all in a commandprompt and take note of the gateway IP address and subnet mask as well as default DNS address which should be the same as the gateway.

Those are the details you need to enter in the XBOX in order for it to properly connect with the router. They all have to be exactly correct.

From memory when connecting my daughter's Xbox I had to allocate it a static IP. In doing so I had to make it one in the same set but outside the DHCP scope of the router. EG the router DHCP range was limited say to to and the XBOX was allocated In this example my router uses for itself so that was the gateway & DNS address I had to enter in the XBOX setup screen.

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