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Solved Need help regarding ICS

July 26, 2011 at 05:59:11
Specs: Windows 7/Windows XP, 2GB/2GB
Hey im Glenn and am a newbie to the forum.

My problem is as follows:

I am currently running a cardboard box PC awaiting my case to be delivered, I currently have no WiFi NIC installed and don't even have a USB one knocking about the house. So...

I am wanting to use my laptop (WiFi enabled) to feed my desktop and internet connection through a Cat 5 ethernet cable.

The host is connected to the internet fine, but the client (desktop PC) will not connect to the internet, it has limited connectivity with an Unidentified Network displayed under Network Connections.

Host PC: Windows 7 Home Premium (Connected to internet via 802.11g/b NIC to Router)
Client PC: Windows XP Professional SP3 (Connected to the host laptop via cable LAN)
Crossover Cable: Cat5 RJ45 Ethernet
Host IP:
Host Subnet:
Host Gateway:
Host DNS:

Client IP: DHCP Enabled (Obtain IP Addresses Automatically)
Client Subnet: DHCP Enabled (Obtain IP Addresses Automatically)
Client Gateway: DHCP Enabled (Obtain IP Addresses Automatically)
Client DNS: DHCP Enabled (Obtain IP Addresses Automatically)

- I have made sure Internet Connection Sharing is enabled via services.msc
- I have tested by killing both system AV/Firewall's to no avail
- I have tried ipconfig /release and ipconfig /renew.... it releases, but will not renew IP for client
- I have tried switching both systems to DHCP, still no internet connectivity
- I have tried updating ethernet controller drivers and WLAN drivers....still nothing
- I have also rebooted several times following certain sequences
- I have check all BIOS LAN related settings
- I have tested the cable on 2 different systems....working
- I have tried bridging SKYWIFI and Unidentified Network..... no internet
- And finally.... as amateur as it is, I even tried the proprietory microsoft diagnostic help

Now, one hint that may help. I am currently a trainee Microsoft Technical Specialist, and my boss overheard me talking about this problem to my colleague over a cigarette break.

My boss had talked about the fact that Windows XP natively uses the IPv4 protocol, whereas Windows 7 uses IPv6. Obviously being it a 5 minute break, and not wanting to get too close a relationship with my boss I just pretended I understood what to do.

Do you think a simple command prompt installation on the client pc would solve the problem with XP not addressing an IP automatically? i.e. CMD.exe > C:\ ipv6 install ......

I already know about setting up ad-hoc.... but thats pointless because I dont have 2 wireless NIC's.

If anybody has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it, im currently at work and would like to know a quick solution to this headache the minute I get home as I dont get a great deal of time during the week to sort my own problems out.


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July 26, 2011 at 11:57:27
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remove the ips you put in for the nic facing the cardboard box. They are incorrect.
That nic gets the x.x.x0.1 with no gateway once ICS is properly engaged.

follow this document and you should be fine:

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July 27, 2011 at 03:21:56

I didnt get to try this as I managed to get an old PCI wireless card (without antenna), but still works fine until I get a good speed one.


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