My new Netgear N300 Router will not connect

January 29, 2011 at 20:00:28
Specs: Windows 7
I just bought a new Netgear N300 router to go along with the Mediacom cable internet I just signed up for. I can plug the ethernet cable straight from the modem into my computer and get internet. Unfortunately this only works after I run the windows diagnostic to correct the errors that wont allow me internet access (unable to connect to IP address, lack of DNS server) but eventually I get access. The instruction then tell me to run the ethernet from the modem to the router and then another cable to my computer from the router. When I do this, I lose all internet access. I thought I just had to instal the router using the provided disk but it never gets past the internet connection test. I have tried to provide the correct IP address, subnet mask, default gateway and dns servers like requested but clearly I am messing something up. Please help me resolve this.

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January 30, 2011 at 01:40:09
First question would be can you enter the router admin interface when you connect from router to PC?

If that is successful then you know the problem is with the connection or settings between modem & Router.

The first thing to do in that event is power down the modem, router and PC.
Connect the cables between modem/router and router/pc.

Power on the modem. Wait 1 minute. Power on the router. Wait 1 minute. Power on the PC. If the router does not auto-configure the WAN settings it may be that your ISP has registered the internet service to your PC's mac address. You may need to clone the PC mac address in the router for your ISP to accept the router connection. The other thing that might be happening is the type of cable you are using. Connection from modem to PC is a "straight" or Patch cable. When you connect two "Like" devices such as a modem & Router the connection requires a crossover cable. Modern routers however may be equipped with cable-sensing self adjusting ports and the power-cycling detailed above should allow the port to adjust for the cable type in use. It should not be necessary to install anything from a router disk since they are pretty much plug-n-play.

What you may need to look at is the configuration page for the WAN settings in the router. Some ISPs have specific requirements and a call to their tech support may aid in getting you set up correctly.

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August 18, 2011 at 14:14:02
I had a problem with my new n+ 300 dual band.
iphone 3gs found it fine and my netbook lenovo found it fine. (the 2.4ghz connection that is)
The issue was with the dual mode. I made the ipad look for my other band which I had to manually look for. After doing that it came up in my wireless 5ghz wireless ssid.
I again put in my password phrase and like magic it connected right away. Although it doesn't show the wireless icon in the upper left? Safari is loading pages thou!!! Go figure.
Still better than spending $170 on a airport wireless router.

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August 18, 2011 at 14:39:40
connect to the modem
do a ipconfig /all and post the results for review
this will tell us what to recommend you input for the wan settings

Answers are only as good as the information you provide.
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September 2, 2011 at 04:53:45
I have a toshiba laptop and have just got a netgear router. connects fine with my iphone and connects fine using the ethernet cable aswell but continue to get limited connectivity.
I had this problem a few years ago, again using a netgear router and a friend of mine at the time, who i no longer talk too fixed this problem for me but again find myself in the same posistion.
I am computer literate but no expert and need some guidence.
I know he mentioned something about adding the computer through ipconfig, but where to go from here i do not know.
My e-mail address is,
Many Thanks

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September 2, 2011 at 11:30:47
Did your ISP give you software to install on your desktop?

Taking comcast for example, You have to install your software on your desktop and then use that desktop to configure the router for the first time.

If i use another computer to configure the router, it will not work

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