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Solved My Network Drive Shows an Empty Folder Even After Remapping

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my mapped network drive contents have disappeared. I have disconnected the drive and remapped multiple times, as well as rebooting and logging off and back on. My network specialist has tried to remap the drive to enable me to see the folders, but even he can’t seem to get it to work.
We can see other folders on that drive on other computers, just not mine.
The tech was connected through TeamViewer and tried multiple times without success to make the folder contents visible, every attempt kept saying empty folder.
I am running windows 7 Professional


1 Answer

  1. Try the following. It has worked for me when I had a similar problem:

    Go to Control Panel–>User Accounts
    Click on Manage your credentials

    Look for the server where your folder is located and choose Remove from Vault

    That may fix your problem. Post back with results.


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