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My Internet Is Not Working

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My internet doesn’t work on any device, but on my laptop, I can only access a few pages, but not the main ones such as Google or Facebook, Youtube, Steam and others.. This site is working fine but I don’t know why other ones won’t.. I am using Windows 7 and the pages only work on IE.
On my router login page, I have a few things on the Logs : “Detect UDP port scan attack, scan packet from (IP)” “DROP TCP SAMBA Request” “ACCEPT UDP SAMBA Request”
I will provide more info if needed ! Thanks


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  1. Hard to know where to start, could be so many things.

    Lets get the basics right.

    Run – Windows Repair

    Disable your antivirus program before running Windows Repair.
    How to Temporarily Disable your Anti-virus……

    Start at Step 1 ( very important ) do all the steps until you get to the final step ( Repairs ) Reboot when finished.
    Right click on the exe & click on > Run as administrator.………

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