Solved My blu-ray is say, System time updating. Try again later

February 20, 2016 at 03:30:04
Specs: Blu Ray JM51/ZA
I have issues with my Blu-Ray and ultimately I realized my router was the issue. Simple tip (if available) disconnect the router completely press the reset button, plug Ethernet in first, then the power cord, once it configures the issue(s) should be resolved. My theory is, nothing is wrong with the Internet connection but updates (i.e. firmware, software) sometimes block the Internet from connecting to the device itself. By resetting router, the protocol fixes the block.

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February 20, 2016 at 06:03:13
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Is your router a couple years old? Is your blueray connecting to said router via a wired or wireless?

In my experience, SOHO routers can have what I call a "brain fart" and just stop functioning properly. Typically in these cases, recycling the power fixes the issue. Over time, the unit will "stuff up" more and more frequently until it bricks permanently.

Usually this happens with the wireless side of things before it'll ever happen with the wired. I have a SOHO router that's about 10 years old and the wireless on it died on me some years back so I disabled it completely and plugged an really good wireless access point into the router. The wired side of things is still working perfectly but as I said, the wireless radio died.

Remember, you're dealing with SOHO level equipment here and manufacturer's don't put the same effort into it as they do enterprise level equipment so it won't perform as well, or have as long a life.

Also, plugging the ethernet in before powering it up won't make any difference. The switch ports (be they LAN or the WAN port) are pretty much the last thing to enable after recycling the power. When my older unit's wireless starting to die, I just pulled the power plug, waited 10 seconds, then plugged it back in to do a quick reset. Unplugging the ethernet cables was/is a waste of time and changes nothing with regard to how the router boots up.

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