Multihomed Internet Routing Problem

August 19, 2009 at 18:47:38
Specs: Windows 2000 Professional
Win2kprof machine with routing enabled between two nics: wireless, static gw/dns - the other nic is built-in ethernet, static no gw/dns. This machine gets to both subnets (and the Internet) fine. is Westell Versalink Gateway. When I connect another PC to the hub that's connected to multihomed - other PC is static gw - it cannot get to the Internet. I have specified a route on the Gateway, A trace run from the other PC on an Internet IP shows as first stop, then as second stop before timing out. The fact that was returned shows me that the packet made it to the Gateway, but goes no further (or does go further, but does not return). Anyone have a clue as to what I'm missing here? Thanks much!

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August 19, 2009 at 20:04:06
You might have to bridge the nics.
If you select both network connections and rightclick, you could select bridging mode.

Please send a reply, if you solved the problem !!!

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August 20, 2009 at 08:36:31
You unit, from a web search, has 4 ethernet ports. Why in the world are you going thru a pc to get to the gateway? Both should be direct or wireless connect.

Otherwise follow this article though you will need to change your ip scheme accordingly.

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August 20, 2009 at 10:00:02
Thanks for both responses. Re: bridging, it is not available on Win2K, but I suspect that enabling routing on the machine does the same thing. See
Note that the author leaves out an important point, namely that on the multihomed computer, there can only be one gateway. That's why the 7.1 nic has no gateway defined and the 1.49 nic does have the 1.1 gateway specified. Also, I don' t think he's all that clear that 7.1 should be the gateway specified on all other machines on that subnet, just as 1.1 is the gateway for all machines on the 1.0 subnet.

Re: why I'm using this configuration: yes, the gateway has 4 ports and wireless, but my second subnet is physically on the other side of the building and I don't want to wire it. The subnet has a Video Server hooked up to the hub I mentioned and must be present in that location (video feeds). The video server has FTP capability, but obviously cannot make it through the internet, considering another pc on the same subnet/hub can't browse the internet either. As far as ICS, I don't think that is the solution. It seems to me that ICS is for a pc connected to a modem and essentially makes the pc a router, distributing addresses via dhcp, etc. My Gateway is already the internet router.

From what I've read, enabling routing, as in the link above, makes my multihomed pc an rras router. It appears to be working because, per my trace, it went all the way from the 7.10 machine to the multihomed machine (7.1 to 1.49) to the gateway/router (1.1). Doesn't this sound like my setup (away from the gateway/router) is working as it should? The gateway/router appears to be dropping the packet, either after it gets there or on the way back from a response on the internet. Doesn't this appear to be a Gateway/Router problem?

What can I look at on the gateway that will help me figure out what's happening to this traffic?

Again, thanks for showing interest in helping me solve my problem.

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August 20, 2009 at 11:16:47
"The video server has FTP capability, but obviously cannot make it through the internet, "

Sure it can. You just configure the router to port forward ftp to it.

"It seems to me that ICS is for a pc connected to a modem and essentially makes the pc a router, distributing addresses via dhcp, etc."

You need a router to go between subnets which is what you ARE doing.

Note: ICS wants to make the lan facing nic in the host machine which is why I mentioned you need to change your ip addressing scheme since you have x.x.1.x on the interface facing the router.

Out of curiosity can you post a tracert to from the x.x.7.x pc?

What kind of firewall do you have on this host/router machine? Have you reviewed its configuration to make sure its not denying access?

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August 22, 2009 at 12:26:06
hey wanderer. sorry about my goofy stmt about ICS. I know I looked at it, but couldn't remember why I discounted it. One reason was your stmt about ICS forcing the lan-facing machine to Still cannot remember, but there were other reasons for discounting ics as a solution (like ICS is NAT versus RRAS with IPEnableRouting? - when I already have a NAT router with the Westell Gateway). Do I have your agreement that ICS is not the way to go in this case and that my IPEnableRouting method is?

There is no firewall on the multihomed machine. I guess there's a firewall on the Gateway/Internet Router. Wouldn't know what "configuration" to review.

Results of two tracert's: 1) - came back with Unable to resolve target system name. dns prob, I guess.

2) traced and got back the two entries I talked about earlier: COMPAQWIN2K [], followed by []. The compaq machine is the multihomed one. So the packet got there, right?. Then of course the Gateway/Internet Router itself at 1.1. Then time-outs.

All I know about routing is what I've read and discussed in forums like this, for my particular problem only. So I'm a real newbie - but a quick study. Thanks again.

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