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loss of accessibility to our primary share on

March 19, 2011 at 02:45:42
Specs: Windows XP
We're experiencing a loss of accessibility to our primary share on the LAN. This share mapped to every computer throughout our office. At random times, about once daily; our users report a loss of connectivity to the mapped drive.
This shared folder is on a server we've had for 1years. There have been no changes made to the share or configurations pertaining to the share.

- We've run extended ping tests to the server farm for days on end with 0% packet loss.
- There is nothing in the Event Viewer to reflect the issue
- When the share becomes unavailable, internet still works. It's just the shared folder that drops.

We don't even know where to begin troubleshooting this. It's very random and intermittent. We cannot replicate the problem and are only there part time, so we don't often see the share drop with our own eyes.

Can anyone suggest somewhere to start troubleshooting this?

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March 19, 2011 at 05:27:48
I'll bet when this happens you can go into windows explorer and unmap the drive, then immediately remap it and it works. If you haven't tried that, do so. If that does the trick, write a batchfile to perform the two commands and put it in the \Windows folder

Then the when users start having probelms, they can just open the run command and type the name of the batchfile and hit Enter and it'll unmap/remap the drive.

Windows is notorious for not holding a drive mapping decently. I've never figured out why (hey, it's windows) but this is how I've always worked around it.

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