Live band: MP3 downloads at gigs?

Packard bell / Easy note
February 10, 2009 at 07:59:00
Specs: Windows XP, 512 Mb
Hi - I realise this is a slightly unusual question, but I thought this was probably the best place to put it.

We are a live band and want to make our music as accessible as possible. What would the easiest way be to offer our music for download at gigs "there and then" so that while people are listening to us they can log in wirelessly and download a pre-recorded MP3 of the track they are hearing?

I'm wondering about having a laptop with the MP3s on it, attached to a WIFI router that people can connect to wirelessly from their handhelds/mobiles and download tracks for free. Trouble is, I'm not that familiar with the technology, either on the router (sending) side, or the receiving end.

Can anyone come up with any bright ideas about what we could do, and explain them to me like I'm 2-and-a-half?

We'll give thanks to anyone with a great solution in our next CD!

Kind regards


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February 10, 2009 at 08:05:53
That's a great idea if you can make it happen. My guess is that you would have to start with a web cam and some capture software.

I did a quick search on Google for web cam capture. Take a look at one of the hits.

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