Limited or no conectivity/Can't renew ip addr

Ibm / lenovo / R51
November 6, 2011 at 08:10:58
Specs: Windows XP, Intel Pentium 1.7ghz/1 gig memory
IBM Thinkpad running Windows XP sp3. I use this computer at work and at home on wireless network. At work it has been fine but at home I sometimes get the "Limited or no conectivity" message. I have not tried any solutions yet as it usually goes away if I reboot and if that does not do it taking it to work (where it works FINE) and then back home ususlly fixes the problem. Last night I was able to go online and google something but when I clicked on a link it did nothing for several minutes and THEN told me I had 'Limited or no conectivity' where just a few minutes before I was 'connected' signal strength 'excellent'. When I click on 'repair connection' it tells me it can not renew IP address.

As stated I have not tried anything, changed anything, and there is no one else using computers on the network. I am afraid to start changing things as it is more important that this work at work.

What gives?

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November 6, 2011 at 15:54:57
Does anyone else use the wireless portion of the router at home? Sometimes all the wired connections are fine, but the wireless is flakey...can mean the router is malfunctioning. I would suggest a flakey wireless card, but if it is stable at work....takes me back to the router. do you get a strong signal? It can be settings, but lean toward the router....I had one......did the same thing.....but sometimes it worked ok, then I had to reboot the router multiple times to get the wireless working and then one day I replaced it....never had the issue since. Just like cars when things partially work, they can be a pain to diagnose. Now if 2 other users connect wirelessly and never have an issue......I have to scratch my head some more.

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