Laptop won't connect to the Internet only INTRAnet.

October 31, 2014 at 16:34:44
Specs: Acer
My iPad,iPod,and iPhone connect all wireless to the router but no matter what I try it says laptop connected to intranet. Doing a lot of browsing on this issue it seems this happens a lot. But I can't find a definite step by step fix. I have so much music on my laptop I want to get to my I phone it's driving me nuts my email is. ############## if someone knows a step by step could you please email the fix to me. You would think they would have made a cable that connected 1,2,5,8 iPads and phones, whatever and let you transfer songs like that. Some things I don't get. Thanks in advance for any time and help.
Thank you

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October 31, 2014 at 17:04:17
Firt... Immediately edit your post to remove the email address you have included. Never wise to post one in "any" open forum, chatroom etc. as doing so renders you "very" vulnerable to all manner of spam, spoof, etc. emails... Also pholk here don't respond to/answer calls for help to email addresses; but in the forum so "everyone" can benefit, and contribute too as they feel.

On your laptop, run the:

ipconfig /all

command and post the results here.

Not knowing which operating system you have on your laptop (nor actual model Acer you have either) it's rather difficult to tell you exactly how to run the above command. It varies a little depending on version of windows involved.

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