laptop cannot establish an internet connectio

April 28, 2011 at 04:21:29
Specs: Windows XP

I connected my home laptop to the work network to download some (legal) software (by cable) but it didn't work. When I detached it the internet access to the desktop machine was not functioning. That was diagnosed as a problem with the I.P. address (presumably when i attached my laptop.) It was fixed over the phone through a START>RUN>CMd>config process. Now I find that my laptop won't connect to my NetGear home link (also cable) and wonder if the same problem might be happening, that connecting the laptop to the work network has scrambled it's recognition of the server or the I.P. address. Any suggestions on fixing? I tried updating Kaspersky 2011 databases but it just keeps saying 'source not found'. Another laptop using the same router connects perfectly each time.

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April 28, 2011 at 07:34:42
I connected my home laptop to the work network

Did you talk to your IT person (people) about this first? You should because where I work, you're not allowed to plug non-work equipment into our network. At the very least, the IT people where you work can get it setup and working properly.

Do you have a router at home? If you do, ensure your network interface is set to get it's TCP/IP settings automatically (DHCP) and reboot (with it plugged into the router) and see if that doesn't fix the issue. This should work if you don't have a router and the internet goes straight into your PC. If it doesn't, contact your ISP's support line and ask them for some help.

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May 1, 2011 at 02:49:53
Hello Curt R

Thanks for the reply. I'm grateful that you took the time to post. To answer both points:-
1. Yes, I did. we are the same at work. That's why they were happy to fix my desk top problem (because I had followed their previous instructions). I didn't discover the laptop problem till I got home and then the IT people here won't help fix personal problems with 'own' equipment. Hence my post to try and fix it at home.

2. I think I have reached a response which probably fits with your reply. I did a cmd>ipconfig /all which displayed all the TCP/IP details. i then manually put them in via 'network connections' and re-booted. I had to do this about 7 times during the day but the upshot is that
a) I was able to download "rkill" to suspend the antivirus/antispyware programme
b) I was able to download and run malware software
c) now the antivirus/antispyware 2011 no longer pops up when i log in.
d) I can run kaspersky updates from online
e) I can reach other websites such as Amazon.
The system is very very slow and I suspect i'm not in the clear yet - but it is slowly improving.

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