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Laptop 2 Modem 2 Router-NOT EASY-HELP!!

Netgear Wgr614 wireless broadband router
October 14, 2010 at 13:17:36
Specs: Windows Vista, 1.8
NetGear WGR 614 v8 wireless router
Dlink DCM 201 modem with ethernet/ USB
Toshiba A205 Satellite Vista Premium

Okay never had a problem till now with computer issue. I have to use USB for cable modem since the dlink is outdated and only has Xp. I am not able to get a xista updated driver for this modem and have not had success in locating it from Dlink or elsewhere (would be great and solve my issue). I have internet through usb works great. The netgeaqr will only set up with ethernet so I need to know what to do? Do I have to get a usb router (input/ output usb for internet to setup) or is there someway to use this router so I can use hp thin client and xbox 360 on it. Laptop will be wireless once setup is done.

There should be someway to use the router it detects laptop and internet connection through modem using usb, but it is not between the laptop and modem as the internet connection is usb so my set up problem lies here.

Any ideas?

Thanks for your help and time. Products/ models#s etc listed above.

Thx Rob

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October 14, 2010 at 14:13:49
I think you are thinking in old terms concerning modems. The word modem describes a number of devices that modulate and demodulate a signal.

A 56k modem attached to your pc requires a driver to be addressed.
An internet modem, which technically is not part of your pc hardware, requires no driver. This is why you have not found one.

According to the specs your internet cable link goes to the f connector on the modem. You then have the option of connecting via usb or rj45 to the lan side of the modem

You are to connect your router via a rj45 patch cable from the routers wan port to the modems rj45 port.

You then connect your Toshiba to one of the routers lan ports via patch cable.

You then logon and configure the router according to its documentation/manual. Once complete you have internet access.

Just to clarify your post starts with laptop/modem/router.

The correct order is internet, modem, router, laptop.
Also note that by connecting laptop to modem the laptop is getting the ip address that should be assigned to the router which would prevent the router from providing internet access thru it.

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October 14, 2010 at 15:12:44
Cannot connect router to modem (is a modem, a cable modem Dlink 201) via patch cable because you have to have an internet connection between pc to cable modem first via patch cable then install router to cable modem via patch cable then cable from router to pc then install and to set up. Problem as stated is I can only get online with usb out of pc to cable modem since it has a usb connection on the cable modem internet access works only this way. Cable modem is os xp and laptop is vista. No driver for realtek fast E NIC RTL8101E to use os of vista with this cable modem Dlink DCM 201. Thx Robert

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October 14, 2010 at 15:34:34
"you have to have an internet connection between pc to cable modem first via patch cable then install router "

Sorry but you do not have to have an internet connection from pc to modem to then setup the router. You have your chain of events and connections wrong.

"Cable modem is os xp "
No its not. The modem has no OS. Where are you getting this from?

"No driver for realtek fast E NIC RTL8101E "
not having a working nic would be a problem but I am real sure there is a driver in vista for the nic. How did you come to the conclusion there is not a driver for your nic?

Took me a whole 45 seconds to find this for your driver download.
I would expect Vista to install it automatically. What in Vista is telling you you need a driver?
What is going on robertmackey? It's like you painted yourself into a corner but want a way out. There is no corner, its open.

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