Issue reinstalling TrendNet TV-IP551W IP camera in apartment

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May 17, 2015 at 13:14:53
Specs: Windows 7 Home 64 bit, 8GB Ram
I have two TrendNet TV-IP551W IP cameras in my apartment. They were a pain in the neck to install a year ago, but after seeking some help, I managed to install them and they've been running ever since. The problem began when I had to replace my Router a few weeks ago Ever since I did that, I can't get the IP cameras to run. Even though I use them wirelessly, in order to do the install setup, you must connect the Camera to your router with an Ethernet cable and then plug it into power. After doing this, I have followed the setup guide right to the end. It brings up the Config utility window in my browser and permits me to modify the Config. All looks good up to this point. The problem happens, when I disconnect the camera and place it back in the living room, where it was before. There is a real "grey" area in the instructions as to what to do at this point. I assumed that I needed to re-associate the router and cameras using the WPS buttons on both devices. However, nothing happens when I do this. The power light on the side of the camera will stop flashing and it's obvious that the camera isn't recording anything. Going back to my computer and running the config file ought to bring up the camera and show what it's seeing. Instead, it says that it can't find the camera. This just confirms to me that the router and camera are not communicating wirelessly. It's frustrating since it was connected when I performed the install using the Ethernet cable, while sitting at my desk. I just can't get it to reconnect when I move it the back to the place where it was originally. I don't know if the new router simply can't broadcast to the spots in the living room where these cameras have been, or whether I'm doing something wrong. All of my other wireless devices are up and running. My last hurdle is to figure out why I can't get these two previously working IP cameras to work again. If anyone has any experience with the TrendNet TV-IP551W or has any useful advice that might help me to get these back up and running, I'd appreciate it. I should add that the distance between the router and the cameras is the same as it was before. The signal reached them just fine with the old CISCO E2000 router. My ACER Iconia tablet gets a perfect signal from the same distance so I can't see why the cameras wouldn't be getting the signal from the router. Well....thanks for listening! And thanks for anyone's help on this one..

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May 17, 2015 at 14:37:20
I haven’t looked at the manual etc. yet - but pending more later..

(It sounds as though the camera setup is somewhat “similar” to that for a printer that has both wifi and cat-5/Ethernet connections.)

Does the camera allow both ethernet and wifi connections at the same time; or do you have to select one or other? Most printers (these days) will usually allow one or the other; my elderly Canon inkjet allows both at the same time, although Canon don’t recommend it…

Do you have any form of access control running - besides the obvious wifi access-key/password? Presumably you are aware of the option of “mac filtering”; which means you can restrict access via wifi to those mac addresses on a list; or disallow those mac addresses on that list. Occasionally I have found it necessary to temporarily disable wifi security to allow the router to “see” a device, and thus allow it in and add it to the mac table (which allows only those mac addresses listed to connect via wifi.)

Incidentally many here avoid the wps button approach; preferring to manually enable wifi access-control (via the router’s wifi management section).

I doubt the problem is signal strength with a new/current router - if the previous (and presumably older) one was OK at that distance…?

More anon very likely shortly from several of us here…

Have a read of the review here as well; as one of them appears to have suffered a similar problem - and seems to suggest a workaround/solution?

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May 17, 2015 at 14:53:50
Page 9 of the manual here

would appear to suggest that you can either wifi or cat-5/ethernet service only; not both at the same time?

Perhaps go through the steps from page 9/10 onwards? Page 10 discusses using wifi - page 9 appears to be cat-5/ethernet...

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May 17, 2015 at 15:12:54
Here's the URL for the TrendNet TV- IP 551W installation that I worked from.

To clarify, my goal is to use the cameras as wireless only. The setup suggests that you use an ethernet cable for the installation. I don't understand that one, but that is what I did. The other option, which seldom works, is to use the WPS bottons on both the cams and the router. More often than not, the router cannot see the camera using this method, so the install software will tell you to try using a cable. It sets up just fine with a cable. The problem is that I am not going to use these security cameras from my desk. They have always been in the living room. The problem occurs when I disconnect them and attempt to place them back in the living room. There's no explanation as to what you do then aside from plugging the power back in. That doesn't do anything. Under the lens, you should see a blue and a red flashing light when the camera is recording. If you just plug it back into power, after a few minutes, just the blue light appears and the green power light goes off. For all intents and purpose, it's plugged in, but it isn't working. I've also tried using the WPS buttons to re-establish the link between them, and get the same result.

When these cameras were running with my old router, I made sure to backup the camera's config files. I reinstalled the previous config on one camera and can confirm that it launched the TrendNet config file showing that the camera was on. Of course, that was while it was connected to the router by the cable.

It's been at least a year since I first installed these cameras. I only recall that they were not as easy to install as TrendNet would have you believe. Since I don't do this sort of thing every day, I am far from being an expert on such things. I follow the instructions with some expectation that it's going to work when I'm done. Sadly, the instructions are usually not very thorough.

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May 17, 2015 at 16:34:07
Understand you want it as wifi only. As I browsed the manual it would appear clearly that you have to set it up using a cat-5 connection; as that allows you to select the wifi access-point etc... Having correctly done that it "ought" to then work...; but as the reviewer n Amazon observed.. not always so

Much like many wifi printers (with or without cat-5 and wifi options) - but not all - you have to physically connect to to it (the device first) - usb in the case of a printer; and cat-5 in this case.

Again I would check security options - mac filtering etc...; and also perhaps "ignore" previous config files etc. other than a sort of guide... Also temporarily disable your firewall; and/or include the camera(s) in the exceptions (items permitted through)?

The manual I linked to (and I have it downloaded/browsed it too) is very clear (pages 8/9-9/10 and forward) that you have to set up wifi access etc. via the cat-5 connection; then disconnect - but wait a minute or so for the setup to finalise. Then you setup the on-screen config for monitoring the camera(s)? You need to know the ip address for each camera as you enter it into your browser to access its setup...

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May 17, 2015 at 16:35:38
This is the manual I have downloaded (.pdf)

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May 17, 2015 at 18:26:41
Thanks trvlr,

I'll give your suggestions a try, although probably not this evening. I've spent so much time on this today that I think I need to take a break from it. It's nearly 9:30pm here on the East Coast, and I have work in the morning.

Reading your comments reminded me of something that I recalled happening a year ago when I first tried to install these cameras. Back then I did just about the same things I did this time, however, the installation dialogs didn't continue beyond a certain point. After several attempts, and some help from someone here, I managed to break through to the remaining steps and it installed as wifi.

Thanks for your input. Hopefully, the next time I sit down to do this, it will work. I will be back to let you know how things turned out. Thank you again for taking the time to help me. I appreciate it!

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May 17, 2015 at 21:46:55
In the "installation" procedure:
At step 7 select DHCP and go to step 12 (skip the wired setup steps 8,9,10,11)
Step 12 will setup the wireless connection for you camera as you do with any other wireless device, except you have to manually select all parameters as set in your router.
The next steps will check if the camera wireless setup is working.
Don't mount the camera unless you get to step 15 successfully.

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May 31, 2015 at 13:26:00
Sorry this has taken so long, but other things always get in the way of resolving this problem. Today was the first day I could sit down and give this another try. Bad news however! I followed the advice given and was quite attentive to the setup procedures. Just like before, everything seemed to be going just fine until at the end. An interesting thing happened on one try to install. At one point a window comes up and there is a button at the bottom called "Link" followed by "Next". I tried clicking Link and the TrendNet configuration window appeared showing the camera view and all. I thought that was at least a sign that it sees the camera, but merely clicking "Link" doesn't complete the wireless installation. From there I continued the install by going from "Link" to "Next" and following the instructions to the end. That didn't work. I also tried by not clicking "Link", but rather going on the "Next" in order to complete the install. Either way what happens at the end is the same. The next to the last window says disconnect the cable and wait for a minute for WiFi to engage, then click the "Next" button. Supposedly, once it tests the WiFi setup, the last page should appear with the IP address so you know it all worked. Instead, after the WiFi test, the message keeps reappearing to replace the cable, wait another minute and repeat the wireless setup. No matter how many times I've done this with either of the two cameras, the results are the same. I can't get passed this loop.

Oddly enough my router's config under Devices shows each cam is installed. It shows the individual MAC address, but no IP address, and shows the cams as offline, even though they're plugged in to power. My take from this that my router is at least receptive to adding the cameras. They're just not running.

So my puzzlement continues. As I mentioned before, the WiFi button on the CISCO router hasn't been successful either. I tried the router's config where there's a page to permit you to add WiFi devices from there and I've tried it, and it says the addition of the device was successful. Yet, it still isn't communicating with the network afterwards.

At one point I thought the TrendNet setup worked on one of the cameras. I say this because it went on to the last window showing the IP address. So, I disconnected the camera and put it back where I had it in the living room. The lights blinked for a few minutes making me think that it was connecting to the network, but then the blinking red light that shows that it's recording stopped and it was clear that it wasn't recording anything. I don't understand that at all.

The bothersome thing about this is that I have a new router (Cisco/Linksys EA3500) and yet the old router that dies (CISCO E2000) was able to connect to these cameras much easier than this. Anyway, I've just shot another 2 hours of my time on this for this week and probably won't be able to revisit this again until next weekend. In the meantime, I am still open for anyone's suggestions and assistance. Thanks again!!

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June 27, 2015 at 12:54:05
I ran across this thread researching my similar problem. I also bought a new EA3500 and was unable to connect my Trendnet TV-IP501W and TV-IP600W via wireless. I had no problems with external ethernet access using cables to the router. The Lynksys is a great router, but I believe the old Trendnets do not support WPA/WPA2 mixed mode. Unfortunately this encryption mode and WPA2 does not work. I tried several combinations on router and cameras with no luck. (didn't try WEP since security is a step backward) It is interesting to note that my TENVIS JPT3815W connects fine in wireless mode.

My solution was to buy a $20 D-Link601 router on Ebay. Make a LAN to LAN connection to the EA3500 and set up the D-Link wireless for WPA/TKIP mode. All IP cameras are now on the D-Link wireless and work fine. Its cheaper than buying new cameras and I had no more time for science project. I suspect your CISCO E2000 would also work. Hope this gives you some ideas.

A good site for LAN to LAN set up - many others online

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