ISA 2006 uninstall disaster problem

Microsoft / Isa server 2006
January 31, 2010 at 11:15:15
Specs: Server 2003 sp2 enterprise
i read somewhere that administering server 2003 is like jenga. You pull the wrong piece and everything comes crashing down. Well thats what happened today. I own a computer repair business in a rich neighborhood. I have ICS running for my business's domain. I noticed that my employees could bypass ISA server's block rules on facebook simply by hitting the refresh button a few times until ISA's block screen disappeared and facebook's homepage showed up. ISA was also blocking RDP and FTP despite rules allowing this at top priority. basically, it didn't work. Furthermore, I couldn't access windows firewall because ISA was using "ipnat.sys." Someone suggested I uninstall it... and I said "I know when I uninstall ISA 2006, our network will be completely and utterly demolished, and we'll have to close the store until we clean install server 2003 and reconfigure everything." My employee said, nooo... microsoft's uninstaller knows what to do.

Guess what? I was right on the money! I hit "uninstall" rebooted and re-enabled RRAS and other services ISA disables (who knows why) upon uninstallation. After it took 15 minutes to reboot, normally its 2, DHCP didnt work, none of my clients had network OR internet access AND the server had no net access. All clients have yellow exclamation mark, and pick up the server's IP after 5 minutes of being frozen. I cannot ping the server when it acquires the address.

So I started at the bottom. my internal net adapter was set at -- amazing because ICS uses this and forces you from using it when ICS is enabled. Yet, this worked fine until today. As a precaution, I deleted the internal network's scope and created a new one using


The internet-facing NIC gets ip from router. I deleted the DNS zones and recreated them. I rebooted the server. No changes. I told the external NIC to stop accepting the static IP the router assigned to it's MAC, and use auto addressing, and I got the internet back on the server.

I set up ICS on the internet facing NIC. All clients still getting yellow exclamation points. My employees are too few in resources to figure this one out. I'm here on a sunday going nuts. someone please help! thank you for your time

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January 31, 2010 at 13:38:23

I know it's not a good day for you but LOL @ jenga. That site is a basic guide for uninstalling ISA. The versions may not match but it will give you an idea.

I didn't read the entire page but you probably don't need 2 NICs anymore. I would disable one & put everything on the same subnet for now.

At least that should get you through the week. Then you can decide what you want to do.

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