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ip forward inquiry

January 7, 2011 at 08:24:48
Specs: Windows XP
i just bought an iomega ix2-200 and set it up at my house to my network. now i can access this newly created z drive but i want to be able to access the iomega from another location outside of my home, i go through verizon wireless and i have tried through both companies to get guidance on this supposedly easy process. i have attempted to go to but it just pulls up stories about what this number is, not the site i am looking for where it asks me for a user id and password, any thoughts?

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January 7, 2011 at 08:57:27
You can not access devices on your Network through the Internet unless you have one of two things.

First, you would have to get a static public IP from your ISP.

Then you could and create a DMZ to put the Device in. (Not a good idea because every one on the Internet would have access to your files.)

The second option is to establish a server of some kind like FTP server, or an SSL server, or you could setup a Virtual Private Network to tunnel through your firewall.

These options would require you to know a little about networking and servers. Lots of free FTP and VPN clients/servers available. You would need to read the sites on how to set them up. Just Google it.

There is another option called 3rd party VPN where you install an app on your computer that will constantly update your current IP with a 3rd party server (so you don't need a static IP) and establish a stateful packet which will tunnel through your firewall. Some of these palaces are...

Hope this helps.

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January 7, 2011 at 10:48:58
You don't need a static ip from the isp.

You either get your wan ip by going to before leaving the house or you use dyndns and their software on your local pc to update the dyndns stored name for your network access.

After this you have two ways of access. Via your pc or direct to the NAS

Via your PC
Next step would be to set a static ip on your pc [don't use dhcp]
Next is enable remote desktop on this pc
Next is in the router forward port 3389 to the static ip of your pc
Then from a remote location you use Remote desktop and input either the dyndns name or the ip address you got with ipchicken

Via the NAS
Should be similar to the pc setup but the NAS manual will tell you how to enable/setup remote access. This maybe a setup as a FTP server or direct file access. Depends on the unit.

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