Solved Internet links not connecting despite being connected

January 16, 2016 at 10:19:24
Specs: Windows 7
everytime i click a link, it goes to a page saying webpage not found, then if i reclick the same link in the address bar after a minute or two, it will go to the webpage i initially clicked on. this happens on every link i click, on every website and on every browser. it happens only on one particular laptop, there are three others in the house, all use the same router. i replaced the usb stick on this computer with another new one, and it still gives the same problem. i even took the physical hard drive out and tried it on a another computer and it still gives the same problem. So now it is 100 percent clear that the problem is within the OS and not any physical malfunction. I have not installed anything new recently, i did a virus scan and nothing was found. I see no logical explanation why this started happening out of nowhere all of a sudden. could some regedit settings have been changed automatically somehow? all browsers give the same problem so i doubt its got anything to do with browser settings, i also turned off windows firewall, still made no difference. connection to the internet bars are shown as good signal strength. and ive also used a cleaner program which didnt do anything either. Any ideas?

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January 16, 2016 at 11:39:07
mmm - try running ccleaner to clean out and delete all previous history files, cookies etc.... Often this resolve this situation (but not always...).

And although you have three other laptops that are OK, try simply rebooting the router (power down - even remove mains in; power up after about 30seconds).

Install the utility using the manual/custom option. Do NOT use the proffered automatic option. Carefully watch for and uncheck all pre checked boxes (so helpfully checked for your convenience). All you want to install is the actual utility. Sadly almost all software downloaded off the web now contains bundled stuff; much of it useless, irritating etc, and most of it a real PIA to eradicate.

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January 16, 2016 at 11:57:08
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Better yet, get CCleaner-Slim or CCleaner-Portable & you won't have to worry about any bundled crapware.

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January 16, 2016 at 12:26:33
Useful version(s) to know about... Tak riider.


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