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Microsoft Windows xp home w/sp1
January 8, 2010 at 16:45:15
Specs: windows xp and ubuntu
This came about because my computer had in the last 2 weeks starting doing this funny thing of screen blacking out for seconds and then coming back on again whenever I was using the PC. Few days ago, I decided to uninstall Avira as I thought *that* might be causing the black screen problem. But after doing so, the screen black-out episodes became even more frequent and severe. After a few hours, the screen blacked out and never came back on again. The computer seemed to have stalled - no sound of activity from it, although the "On/Off" light was still green/On, but the monitor had gone on standby. I rebooted the PC, but it could never boot up Windows again. I got this blue screen of death message every time I tried to boot up Windows XP. It says there's something wrong with a file called "nav4_disp" and that there's a problem with an "infinite loop"... I tried rebooting several times, each time same thing happened - blue screen with the same message about the file nav4_disp and a problem with an infinite loop.

With Windows XP refusing to boot up at all, I decided to boot up my PC with a Ubuntu 9.04 CD ROM which I'd NEVER tried using prior to this. It worked. I didn't install Ubuntu, I just used the "Try Ubuntu without installing it" option every time I booted my PC with the CD ROM. It'd go into Ubuntu's desktop. and I'd click on Mozilla Firefox and voila, without even needing to do any sort of setting up, everything works. I am now using this method to get online and try to find solutions to my Windows XP problem as we speak! So up till now, I can surf on the internet with the Ubuntu CD ROM.

Yesterday I decided to back up all the important files on my PC, and decided to format the hard drive and re-install Windows XP. I did everything right, and Windows XP was installed. Everything looked good. Until I clicked on Internet Explorer to try and see if I could surf the Net on it. I couldn't. It'd load up the error message on screen saying DNS Error, problem with server/connection. Every single time. Its so exasperating! I tried the "cmd" > "ipconfig" method but it'd fail to give me an ip address every time. I tried clicking on the Networking icon and clicking on the "1394 Ethernet" connection and then using the "Repair" option. It wouldn't work. Instead, it gave me this error message "Failed to query TCP/IP settings of the connection." each time!

Now I know some people have suggested that perhaps something in my hardware needs replacing. Something is wrong with my PC, my cables, etc.
This can't be the case, because even as I speak, Ubuntu works fine on my PC and I can surf the internet on my VirginMedia Broadband connection with Mozilla Firefox on Ubuntu just fine!

I think there must be a problem with my Windows XP... but I'm not "techie" enough to figure this out! I feel like installing Ubuntu on my system and using it permanently but I know I can't live without Windows because some applications like my Sony MP3 sync software will simply not work in Ubuntu. Can anyone help me fix my Windows XP internet connection??

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January 8, 2010 at 17:57:53
It's real simple. The Ubuntu CD has all the NIC drivers but you never reinstalled the windows drivers after you reinstalled XP.

If you don't have the driver CD, download them on another PC & burn them to a CD.

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January 11, 2010 at 05:54:10
Hi, thanks for your solution. It worked!

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January 11, 2010 at 08:02:41
Glad to hear it.

How do you know when a politician is lying? His mouth is moving.

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