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I'm not sure what and how I should connect th

May 10, 2011 at 18:23:29
Specs: Windows Vista
The Banana Tree Travel Agency a small travel agency has been growing and they decided to expand their operation. There has been a lot of interest in the travel agency’s tours to Egypt. To better serve their customers, the company has decided to expand their operation internationally and lease an office in Cairo. Two travel agents will be working in that office. The two travel agents would need new workstations and a printer connected together as well as internet connection and would also need to occasionally exchange files with the main office in Miami Florida.
In addition to adding the international office, John Wrighwing has leased an adjacent office building. He has decided to house 10 of his travel agents within the leased building. There will be one Administrative Aide in the building with the travel agents. He is also adding a conference room with a projector.
The travel agents who will be in the leased building have relatively new workstations all running Windows Vista. He wants three printers and additional space for 5 new agents who will work both in and out of the office. The agents from Building “A” will also need to work at times in Building “B”.
The administrative staff and the other travel agents in the first building have a mix of computers, some of the computers are running Windows XP, some are running Windows Vista, and there is still one running Windows 2000.
Group “A” is happy with their computers and with the network. Both networks have their own Internet connections.
The Challenge:
• Setting up the network and having the networks in both buildings communicate with each other.
• Setting up the office in Cairo and having the computers and printer networked together.
• The Travel agents all need to get daily printed reports which will be coming from the original building (Building A).
• What are some solutions to getting both networks communicating with each other and having an easy transition?
• What are some solutions of sending files from the international office in Cairo to the main office in Miami?
• If using wireless consider the weather.
• What hardware would you use?

1. Show one example each of a Class A network IP address, a Class B network IP address, and a Class C network IP address. Explain what each piece of the address tells you in each case.
2. Use the case scenario (above) and use Visio 2007 to generate a diagram for the network topology. Briefly discuss which design would best fit the client’s needs

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May 11, 2011 at 07:32:07
Ok so, we don't do homework for people.

When I was in computer school I attended every day, paid attention in class, took good notes, and started a study group with several other (of the smarter) class members who were also there to learn (and not party 4 or 5 nights a week).

Then when we got questions like this, it was easy to answer. If I didn't know the answer offhand, I knew where to look in my text and/or notes and/or online to find the answers.

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