I logged onto my router past night it didn't let me on but

October 7, 2012 at 07:36:16
Specs: Windows 7, 2ghrz
I believe someone is attacking all of my computemaliciously
1. All laptops are running windows 7
2.i have tried different routers to see if I can fix the problem
3.when I get to the login for my router it will not accept the password I just made nor the pass phrase. The laptop sits there and just starts to receive tons of packets. I open'd a folder that I had never seen beforeno joke there must have been10,000 certificates for authorization to use my connection which I wasn't connected to a wifi it was just the radio. So he are my thoughts this person is using my laptops as a gateway of sorts to acsses high level stuff or is it just someone trying to get revenge with me. This is difficult because I go into users on the control panel there is one I take it further into advanced settings everyone has access to this laptop sorry if I sound rude just tierd of this crap. I want to protect my fAmily and I also don't want to be used in some kinda scam. Thanks. The Real Cable Guy

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October 7, 2012 at 08:21:03
It's entirely possible your computers have trojan's on them. Are you running antivirus software on them? Are you running antimalware like Malwarebytes on them?

If not, you should be and will need to sweep all of your computers for both.

If you suspect you've been compromised, I would get the MAC address from each and every device in your home that connects to your LAN and I would then enable the "allow the following MAC's only to connect" feature of your router and I would put all those addresses in there.

I would also change the admin password and encryption key once you know your systems are clean of all trojan's, viruses, and/or malware.

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