i cannot sign into my yahoo mail

November 12, 2010 at 12:42:54
Specs: Windows XP
Says I have my CAPS LOCK on and it is not on. I have tried to reboot, put CAPS LOCK on, ran spy bot, turn my nun lock on/off NOTHING HELPS and I can't get into my yahoo account. Any suggestions?

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November 12, 2010 at 13:43:42
i had the same problem a few months ago. i got an email from "yahoo" asking for my account info- it was a scam!!! and YAHOO was NO HELP and i lost all my emails,etc. they even posted a scam was being used in their name and to report it . i filled out "the form" 7 or 8 times and got no reply at all. they have these posts that they are so eager to stop these frauds and blah, blah, blah. i got email addresses to contact a person to help me- sounded like the legal support people. every email i sent them got returned-no such department, or wrong address. i had proof from the first step- they changed my password--notified my roomie's email address each step they took!!! he was my "alternate address'. they changed my security question, added george(somethin).yahoo.com. my god, there was 13 email notifications of their activities- yahoo sends a courtasy notification each time "you" change something concerning your acct. so you can let them know if its acurate or not you doing the changes---safety regulations. bull!!! i finally called the office in cal. and got rude b...ch that called me a liar and said i could not answer any of my security questions and i could NOT even close my acct. even offered to get a notary to verify my identity and was hung up on after she said i was wasting her time.i had 4 yrs. of personal crap stored in folders and my daddy had just died and had alot of stuff i had saved from family and freinds that i'll never get back. i had all the proof it was a scam and they did weird crap that was OBVIOUSLY done to remove me from the picture. i contacted them just hours after the first step! i was on the internet at the time going back to my email periodically to get replies and such from my stepmom. i was all of a sudden "not able to log in to my acct." then i got put off for 24 hrs. coz i tried to log in too many times. did you get an email from yahoo recently? (1 or 2 days prior). you will get no help from yahoo. i had to go to aol email (tried a few othrs). i hate it. i loved yahooo, but, when i opened a new acct. they kept sending my stuff to my roomy and his to me- it was tooo weird! couldn't remove him from my "alternate" or me from his. they notified him every time i sent an email or tried to get MY stuff straightened out. twilight zone!! had to change and it still had us linked at the new one!! i had to invent more " alternates" and finally got me a fake address and it was over. well, that probaby didn't help you at all. i hope you aren't screwed like me. oh, even, people who paid for some special acct. with yahoo can't get anything fixed or even get to them to solve their problems with them!! several were trying to band with me to get them to back up their promises of this wonderful upgraded and spiffy acct. crap. please let me know if you get satisfaction or end up like me. peteykgirl27@aol.com

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