Hub losing internet.. upgrade advice

June 17, 2011 at 11:45:04
Specs: Windows XP
Hi, I was hoping for some advice. I'm a self-taught network administrator for my real estate office, and all of the computers on one of our 24-port Hubs keep losing their internet access. I end up having to reboot the router that's behind the hubs to get them up and running again, just rebooting the hubs alone doesn't work. Plus, our overall internet speed on the whole network is lagging. Am I correct in assuming that the hub is likely dying? All of our hubs are about 5 or 6 years old.

Our current configuration is a 1 year old Netgear UTM10 Firewall/Router with 4 ports, 3 of which go out to 3 Linksys EF2H24 Auto-sensing HUBS. I only have a need for 30 ports at the moment, so I had them balanced evenly between the 3 hubs about 10 on each hub. I also have 3 VLANS set up as well to keep the admin offices separated from the rest of the office computers.

I'd like to upgrade, and I'm more concerned with getting the most internet speed possible (we're on a T-1 line), not as concerned with the security, because I think our router's pretty decent for that. Can anyone give me some advice/opinions on what I should purchase?

My questions are:

1) Would it be better to upgrade to a switch?
2) Can I get away with only 2 24-port switches? I'm not sure if it's better for overall performance to keep 3 and only use a portion of each unit, or would it be fine to go ahead and just use up most of the ports on 2 units? Sorry, I'm not that familiar with the best load balancing techniques.
3) Would an unmanaged switch be sufficient since my router already provides me with all the VLAN, QoS (etc) benefits.

I would really appreciate any and all thoughts. I feel like I only know enough about this stuff to be dangerous. :D


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June 17, 2011 at 11:55:31
You certainly can replace the three with newer switches.
You can do two switches but admin would only be on one switch with no one else since you use the firewall for vlans

Sounds like the router may also be defective. You should not have to reboot it regularly.

Your issue is not with the existing hardware but the T1 which is limited to 1.5mbps up/down.
Replace it with higher bandwidth DSL

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