How to setup two routers?

Siemens / Speedstream 6520
December 21, 2010 at 06:17:17
Specs: Windows XP
Hi Guys,

I have been trying to setup this for the past two days,

I have 2 routers:
1. Thomson TG585 V7 (
2. Siemens Speedstream 6520 (

Thomson was installed by the ISP.

I want to connect the 6520 to the Thompson using Ethernet cable and then to connect my xbox and the desktop to the 6520 LAN ports. Both the router's wireless enabled since I will be using my other WIFI devices.

ISP--> TG585 --> 6520--> Desktop/XBOX

I connected ethernet wire from the LAN port of TG585 to the LAN/WAN port of 6520, and setup the 6520 to use the port for WAN. When I click next, it gives me two options to choose:
1. Bridge/IP
2. PPPoE

Which one should I select and should I changed the IP address on my 6520.

How do I change the IP Address?

Sorry if I haven't given much info on this. If you require anymore info, let me know.

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December 21, 2010 at 07:54:03
B777 do you have any idea how many times this question has been asked?

A simple search here would have saved you some time. Please do so and review the answers [some with diagrams]

A couple of key items you seem to be missing;
You connect using a crossover cable from router lan port to router lan port.
You do not connect via the 2nd routers wan port.
How to change a routers ip address is in its manual.

Answers are only as good as the information you provide.
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December 21, 2010 at 08:21:01
Click on my name above in my response and read my "how-to" guide titled: "adding a second router...."

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