How to restrict bandwidth through my router?

November 19, 2010 at 15:28:13
Specs: Windows 7
So here's the problem, I've got about 7 connections running at home including my own. The other 6 connections are all wireless connections and myself being the only hard wire connection. The other 6 connections just loves to stream movies/tv shows and all that junk. All this streaming is affecting my gameplay (I'm a gamer by the way). I can't exactly just go and cut off their connections because I know them (family members). By restricting their download speed would be perfect. My router has some QoS settings but the priority setting doesn't seem to cut it. Either that or I'm not using it right. I tried setting all those laptops MAC address to a low priority while leaving mine as high. Even then I still get slow speeds while playing games and they still seem to be getting their usual download speeds.

So what I want to know is if there is a way to restrict all their download speed rather then setting priority? (that is unless priority setting does work and I'm using it wrong then please enlighten me)

I'll also be getting the Verizon Fios internet soon. So I'll need to find out how to go about setting that in their router as well. Even with the improved speeds (currently using optimum cable), I'm not sure if that'll eliminate the need to restrict their bandwidth because I think that just means they'll be able to take up even more of the bandwidth and everything would still be the same leaving me with crappy speeds during gameplay.

So the goal here is to try to manage the bandwidth so it wouldn't affect my gaming much. If there are any methods I can go about doing so please comment and let me know.

Thank you!

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November 19, 2010 at 20:33:51
You can buy an enterprise level router with bandwidth management or look at possibly a Linksys WRT54GL with Tomato firmware if you can still get one somewhere. The third party firmware apparently gives this model SOHO router the management capability you are looking for. I have no personal experience with it though so suggest you do some googling before spending any $$$$

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November 20, 2010 at 12:14:05
Thing is...I'm about to have Verizon Fios internet installed soon which comes with their own router. I'm not sure if i can just flash this router with a third party firmware. The only other way was to get another router and flash that with a third party firmware but I don't have any experience of hooking up a router (which is Verizon's mode/router) with another router.

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November 21, 2010 at 00:25:59
Very simple. Turn off DHCP in the verizon router. Connect from Lan port of that to WAN port of your router and have your router do all the DHCP , Wireless and bandwidth management. As I said though you have to get the right model router to take the third party firmware. If you try to flash the wrong thing you may turn it into a brick.

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