how to physically connect a wireless network

October 22, 2010 at 17:31:03
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well basically the subject says it all, i need to know how to physically set up my wireless network. I have an asus server, 3 laptops with wireless capabilities, and im purchasing a wireless router. Can anyone tell me how to physically connect each component to where i will be able to access applications on the server through each of the client laptops. Also, can anyone make a recommendation on a good router, with strong security capabilities, ie: firewall and other security variations. and in general any other useful information that would possibly help me in setting up a wireless network and implementing a server which will be hosting a patient record system for my client pcs within a medical clinic.

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October 23, 2010 at 05:51:26
Ok, you don't "physically" connect wireless computers. You connect wirelessly.

First and foremost, I would NOT use a wireless solution in this situation. It's insecure and wireless has inherent issues with lag and latency. But mostly I wouldn't do it for security reasons.

Now having said that....

First, configure your Wireless LAN (WLAN) on the SOHO Router. I recommend using WPA-2 Encryption and a complex password.

Once you have the WLAN setup, then you connect your wireless clients to it.

As for accessing applications on the server...........

You need to understand that in a direct comparison between wired and wireless solutions, wireless sucks.............really bad! If you plan on running network applications across wireless links you're going to find things slow and boggy. At the very least, I would have the server plugged directly into the router with a network cable since it's going to be handling multiple connections from multiple clients at the same time.

I would test and compare a wired client to a wireless one and see if the performance of the wireless is merely a little slow and annoying, or if it's unusable (a distinct possibility).

As to what router to buy, that depends. If 5 people give you an answer, you're likely to get 5 different make/model of router.

Personally, I would go with all Wireless N equipment (router and NIC's on clients). Other than that I can tell you I've liked the Linksys (Cisco) products I've worked with more than any other.

I will repeat one last time, I would go with a wired solution in this case since it's a medical clinic accessing personal and private medical records for patients. With wireless it's not a problem to hack it and even WPA-2 encryption can be cracked given enough time and CPU cycles. With a wired network, a hacker can't just sit outside your office and hack you, they'd have to physically plug in.

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October 23, 2010 at 10:19:38
Check out this step-by-step wireless network setup tutorial, think could answer your questions. Hope this helps.

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