how to connect wamp server to intranet server

September 28, 2011 at 23:14:41
Specs: Windows XP
I am doing a project on WAMP, in which i have develop a branch office website which will be connected to the head office Intranet.the head office have their own website running on there sever
and my branch office website will be connected to it by a link of branch office server ip address.

how to configure WAMP and windows machine / linux to configure for static ip address.
who will provide that ip address.
network structure of the branch office is given bellow
there will a Network Switch box
Intranet will be connect to switch by cable
server will be connect to switch by cable
and other pcs to the switch as to work on client app

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September 29, 2011 at 05:45:15

That's how to configure WAMP.
I would have the intranet on an internal IP & the WAMP server on an external IP or in the DMZ. The external IP is provided by the ISP & you provide the internal IP. Don't forget a router. It can't all be done with a switch.

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September 29, 2011 at 09:23:44
detail about situation
There is a Company which has it branch office all over India.
A company has it intranet which is not connected to internet.
Company website is running on the intranet. The branch office has their own server and website which are connected to the intranet. The head office website has a menu link of branch office website as (ip address).

The branch office has to develop a website which will be connect to the intranet.
Web site details
Web site will contains the database
and stock details
the stock details will be entered by vb application
by two pc connect to branch office server.

I have solution as given below
I will develop a website using WAMP/LAMP(windows/linux )Apache mysql php.
and for stock data insertion i will design a visual basic appliction.

I have general knowledge of networking
though i have designed the network structure which i am going to upload as jpeg file

I don't known how to configure the server and WAMP/LAMP for static ip address
and who will provide me the static ip address
is it the head office or i will have to do it on myself choose a ip address if yes then how, Static ip address because branch office server will be connected to head office intranet by ip address.
developing the application and website is not a problem for me but main problem is networking

Server minimum requirements for above matter
Work load mostly 5 PC at branch office will be connected to it
and at head office mostly 5pc for surfing the site.
Can i use ordinary pc


Switch box/Switch HUb

Sir Please explain me about the router and how to do it

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