How to Block wifi connectivity with xendor to Laptop

September 4, 2017 at 02:09:16
Specs: Windows
Due to Official data with my system and I want to Block to Xendor wifi hotspot in my laptop for particular Android software xendor,

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September 4, 2017 at 04:17:23
If I'm reading your post correctly - you wish to inhibit/block/prevent a given user (or users) from accessing and using your wifi access point?

Presuming so - one way is to invoke/setup mac filtering. This is done on the security section of the wifi router.

You create a list of only those mac addresses in that list having access to your access-point.

This means you need to have all permitted devices their mac addresses - entered into that list. Anyone/anything not on that list - when the facility is enabled - is not able to access the wifi point.

What make and model is your wifi router?

If my interpretation of your question is incorrect - perhaps clarify a little more?

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September 4, 2017 at 21:18:26
Actually I want to Wifi block function filter at user end System, I have already checked with enabling windows firewall and port block but its not worked,
we want no any data out from Asset via USB, WIFI, Network but able to access restricted internet,
we have already blocked USB port but recently some case are created, users are connecting his Andriod mobile with Laptop via Xender Software and transferred his data without any restriction, we have tried to block the ports on firewall as wel as we have block the web filter, we have block port via windows firewall as wel as mcafee software but yet issue not resolved, users successfully able to connect mobile hotspot via xender software and transfering data.
this is big concern for security to save data, and users are from sales team so we have not able to block his wifi so Kindly suggest is there any way to block particular mobile hotspot in laptop?

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September 5, 2017 at 01:55:13
As best I understand it, the only way to prevent an unauthorised device - be it laptop, desktop/tower pc, mobile phone (any kind) - from accessing a wifi access point (even if they know the access key) is to block all devices, and allow "only" those which have their mac address entered in the allow only these mac addresses list.

As previous, this facility is available in the wifi security settings. what make and model is your wifi router?

If you find someone tethering their phone to a laptop/deksktop pc and you have permitted that phone access(as on the mac filtered list) then they will still access wifi. If they persist in unlawfully (as in without your permission) accessing data that way, simply warn them to stop; and if they don't then simp,y block their phone and dismiss the employee.

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