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Solved Hostname Redirects To Router Config Page

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I’m sorry, I’m new to networks and this is my first time here. I hope some one know how to help me out 🙂

My router/modem is a DSL-2740B

I created a hostname (say At my service provider I was able to create a DNS setting where I specified my routers IP address.

In my router I think I created a port forward (TCP port 8080 on both external and internal) with the ip address of a small “web server” (an Arduino module for home automation).

When I enter my hostname I get to see my router config page instead of my “Arduino page”.
By entering the local IP from this Arduino I do get to see this page, indicating its there and working.

I’m happy with all the help I can get


1 Answer

  1. Are you testing this on a computer external to your network? It won’t work otherwise. Sorry I didn’t think of this earlier.

    If you are testing internally that explains why it is not working. If that is the case, your original configuration was probably correct all along.

    Port forwarding will only work when you access your router from the Internet, not from your internal network. I hope it’s as simple as that.

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