Hijacked by BT Openzone

July 30, 2011 at 14:13:20
Specs: W2000, N/A
Have an old Pentium with W2000 and Mozilla Firefox, sometimes i/e6, which connects to my TalkTalk router with wifi on loading but then I change to a direct connection.

Am based in West London.

Out of the blue, about a week ago an unexpected webpage appeared from BT Openzone advising 'Welcome to this BTFON Hotspot' and inviting signing on for a fee.
I did not proceed and deleted the page.
I am not a BT Customer.

This occurance has now increased to such frequency I am unable to use the internet.
I attempt connecting to a page, home (Google) or otherwise and the response is the BT one.
Sometimes connecting works without a problem.
Sometimes, for a few screens then bt again.
Another time BT just about constantly - this is happening most of the time now.
Once BT has appeared it is not possible to clear.
This can occur in every window, but sometimes one will work.
I tend to power down and try later.
Have tried another router, ceasing using the wifi, deleting (many times) all cookies and files etc., using either ie or ff. all to no avail.

Googling 'hijack by openzone' or 'remove openzone' reveals many are suffering same, although with later o/s's.

ofcom - useless, waste of time
bt - advised to contact my isp
TalkTalk - are trying to help

I think something has been downloaded onto my pc, without my knowledge, and by BT, that is causing this, but what?

Have Norton Internet Security 2006.

Any ideas Guys? Thanks - Mike

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July 30, 2011 at 23:47:37
I'd guess that what's happened is that BTOpenzone have one of their hotspots very close to you and it's drowning out your own wireless network. I'm not too sure what you mean by 'connecting by wifi and then using a direct connection' - can you disable the wifi and just use the direct connection immediately? Check in your list of wireless networks associated with your adapter that BT openzone isn't listed there - if it is then remove it as it may simply be at the top of your list and so is the preferred network.

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July 31, 2011 at 01:54:36
Hi John - thanks for replying. I had similar thoughts to yours.
Both router and pc are on my desk, within a yard of each other.
At start up, the wireless program loads and connects to the router using a usb blue tooth dongle.

This proximity is not good for wifi, thus as an alternative I have a direct lan connection, which comes into play, when I exit the wifi program.

I changed start up such that wifi does not load, and now only use the direct connection.

The wifi program lists nearby networks, with mine at the top at 100%.
Others are 54% or less.
From memory, out of about the five networks found, 3 were openzone, including BTFON which is named differently.
BTFON is the one I am being connected to, strangly it is lower on the list than one or more of the other openzone ones.

Having older technology, the wireless program does not have the facility to delete or bar 'found' networks, or move them around to change their order.

It does allow selecting one and then connecting to it. However, this now fails by repeatedly trying and then disconnecting (which did not happen previously to this problem), and remains connected to BTFON.

Despite now using a direct connection only, the problem remains. Which leads me to suspect BT are playing tricks.

Some of the google hits suggested this, but when a cure was proposed, used facilities provided by much later o/s's, and none were found for w2000.

It is 0952 and have recently switched on, having switched off late yesterday evening locked into BTFON. So far the problem has not appeared. Unless TalkTalk have found something and corrected, would think it will later.

Thanks - Mike

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August 28, 2011 at 01:43:18
TalkTalk my isp, cured the problem.

The fact I had ceased any wireless activlity and was now using only a direct connection was the deciding factor.

The TT technician was certain the fault was outside of my premises and promised they would investigate. By the next day it had been cured and since has not re-appeared.

I am of the opinion it is one of BT's dirty tricks, as at least one colleague using an iphone, regularly receives this page without warning. Googling also shows many others experience this.

I have not reconnected the wifi as my old pc performs better when using a direct connection.

Good Luck - Keep us posted.

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