Help with Westell E90 & Linksys router

January 18, 2010 at 15:33:01
Specs: windows xp, 3gb Ram
Good day, I have been using my Westell E90 modem with at&t for over a year now. My roommate now wants to use my internet. She says all we need is a router, so she brings a router in my room and it doesn't work. She knows the router works because she used it at her old place. She actually has 2 routers (Linksys), neither one worked, they showed other wifi connections but none picked up a connection from me. Number 1, I have never hooked anything up from wifi, i have know experience in this whatsoever. I have att fast access dsl, it runs from my phone line and usb cord. I'm using xp sp3 and I have a desktop computer. I don't know anything about hooking up a computer in another room, she's saying all we need is the router, but the router isn't picking up a signal from me. Is there something I need to change in my at&t configurations or what? If so how do I go about doing so? Thanks

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January 20, 2010 at 07:36:31
First, I would reset the router to it's factory defaults. You do this by plugging it in and then using a pen or paperclip, hold the reset button on the back in for around 10 seconds. Release the button, let the unit reboot and then you have to plug your internet connection into the WAN port of the router.

Once you've done that, plug a computer or laptop into a LAN port and open a web browser. Inisde the URL box of the web browser, type in the default IP address of the router (you can find this info in the setup guide/manual). In the case of Linksys, they tend to be

Once you're connected to the management interface you can then make whatever setup changes you need to.

With regard to wifi, you may have to enable it. Once enabled, you will likely have to setup a SSID and encryption. You don't have to, but I strongly recommend using WPA encryption on your SSID with a strong password.

Once you have that done, your wireless client needs to scan for available wireless networks and once it finds yours, you have to enter the password for the SSID.

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