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June 3, 2010 at 09:20:31
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Network has several vlans. I've added a new one, but having never done this, I cant say for certain that everything is correct. vlan 21 has a server (RTrmserver) and 4 POS and it all seems to work correctly. server ip is I cannot see this from another subnet. All user computers are on 10.0.2.xx. I think I've figured out that it has to do with the default gateway on, but I have no idea what its supposed to be. What should I be setting the gateway to? There are two switches between me and the server. Switch IPs are and From my office, if I ping RTrmserver, all I get is a response from my core switch and nothing more. If I try to ping anything from RTrmserver, I cant get anything at all.

I'm really new to this position and dont have much formal training with this, so I'm learning as I go. Thanks for any help

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June 3, 2010 at 09:44:15
for 10.0.21.x to see 10.0.0.x you either need a supernet subnet mask or a router. Same with 10.0.2.x. The routers local interface would be the gateway. So for example 10.0.2.x would have as the gateway assuming you assigned that ip to the routers lan interface.

If you don't have vlan routing capable switchs the usual thing to do is put the servers nic on all vlans.

How many pcs/srevers are we talking per vlan?

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June 3, 2010 at 11:28:02
Bingo! Got it! So (core switch) does some routing. Needed to configure ip for new vlan, thus giving me my default gateway! Thanks for the help!

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