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Help with DD-WRT bridge configuration

January 17, 2010 at 18:39:00
Specs: Windows xp/server 2003, which device there's 20 pc's here
ANY Help is much appreciated with this one
WRT54G(v-6) routers with DD-WRT(ver24) firm ware installed, I have the task of fixing an unsecure wireless bridge between two network segments. I have reconfigured both routers one as an access point the other as the wireless bridge and everything on the intranet is working as it should the server is dishing out IP’s and everybody is able to communicate with the server on both sides. The problem is I cannot get the network to get outside the gateway.
So let me explain what settings I have on the router ,server, access point, and wireless bridge. I have the router static configured to the ISP specifications I have the DHCP off, I have local address of the router set to with a subnet mask of and I have the address range set to – 150. Now on the server I have it setup to dish out IPs with a subnet mask of the server has the address of with the DNS setup to and the gateway set to on the access point I have the local device setup with with DHCP service on and the gateway pointing to attempted this without the DHCP service and same results) and the wireless bridge local device setup as with the gateway pointing to also.
I have been able to ping the gateway on the router from anywhere and everything appears to be functioning well and I can attach a laptop straight up to the modem and get access when I install the static config to it, but not able to do so when I hook up to the router to try that way, I have hard reset the router and put in the config then attached that way and I get it just fine but as soon as I plug it all together the router no longer works even if I unplug everything again not until I set it back up.
Also set MAC Filtration on access point and it is working correctly …… I want to add the modem and the server are on opposite sides of the segments, and this is why there's a router involved

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January 18, 2010 at 11:13:53
I don't even see your problem.
All routers, servers and workstations are in the same subnet.

How are the routers connected ? If I understood you right, they are connected wirelessly.

So there are two ways connecting the routers wirelessly.
1. router1 access point, router2 repeater mode.
2. router1 access point with WDS, router2 access point with WDS.

Client computers must have an IP address out of the range - 150, DNS must point to your server, because as you described, it's the only DNS server in your network (except router1, which is the DNS forwarder for your servers DNS).
The gateway address of the client computers depends on your configuration of the server. If the server also acts as a gateway, the gateway address for the clients is, otherwise it's (router2)
Router2 should have configured DNS server to (your server).

So connection looks like this:
Workstation (WLAN) -> Router2 (WLAN -> Router1 -> Internet

Server (wired) -> Router2 (WLAN) -> Router1 -> Internet

You can use MAC address filter on Router1 to grant access only for Router2, so noone except Router2 can connect to Router1.
MAC address filter on Router2 let's all clients connect to it.

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January 18, 2010 at 15:03:54
You pointed out something valuable in that the client machines have to look to (the server for the gateway not the router

I want to clarify that the system is setup like this modem>router1>wireless bridge >wireless access point> server then from the server it loops back through the wireless access to the modem side of the lan the MAC filtration I installed on it the wireless access point was the wireless bridges MAC thus making it secure from any other connections than the the wireless bridge and that all seems to be working just fine. the router is only acting as the static ip handler so we can get that to the opposite side of the network to the server.
yes I called the ISP and put in an order to move the modem back over to the servers bldg where it was when I left here years ago and everything worked great LOL..... no one knows why the modem got moved.

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January 18, 2010 at 15:33:21
So at the bottom line, your problem is solved?

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January 18, 2010 at 15:40:41
I wont know till later I have to sleep lol i do know when the modem gets moved back yes the problem will be solved, but for now sleep

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