Help extending WIFI Signal using specific network hardware

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January 26, 2016 at 18:17:29
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I have access to the internet using a wireless signal that I get from my neighbor/cousin and as is I can only connect to it in a small area of my apartment. I am looking for a way to setup a repeater or somehow access point using the devices I currently have.

-NETGEAR C6300BD / AC1900 (Cable Modem/Wireless Router use with my previous ISP - I would love to use this since it's a lot more powerful than the other wireless router I have. Already looked for an ACCESS POINT setting and this does not have one, also the Internet was feed into this router via Coax Cable - So the only way would be to use the built in 4port Switch ports somehow)

-LINKSYS WRT120N (This Wireless Router does have 1 Ethernet Port setup as Internet input and as usual 4 Switched Ports for LAN)

-DLINK-DPR1260 (This is actually a Print Server, but it has the ability to be configured to function as a Wireless Bridge - Which I have successfully configured as. Using the 1 Ethernet Port I can plug in any Wired Network Device setup for DHCP and it'll connect to the Wireless Network with access to the Internet)

**Wireless Router w/Internet (Setup as common DHCP Server)**
** Yes I do have the WPA2 Key, but I do not have permission to make any changes to the hardware/software, so I have to make it work as is**

-Setup the DLINK DPR-1260 to connect to "BOSS WIFI" with WPA2 key successfully, and setup the IP ADDRESS as STATIC IP; This is setup and working already - I thought I could plug this into the INTERNET PORT on the LINKSYS WRT120N setup to connect to ISP DHCP that it would get an IP ADDRESS as my Laptop/Desktop does, and then be able to use the wireless router to cover my apartment, but for some reason the Linksys Router did get an IP ADDRESS like everything else did.
-I did also try plugging the DLINK Bridge into one of the Ethernet Ports on the NetGear (also disabling the internet dhcp on it) and then connected to the NetGear's Wireless Network giving my laptop a Static IP address of - Subnet:, Gateway:, and DNS The Laptop/Windows10 connected showing an INTERNET CONNECTION was live, but when I tried accessing the internet using a Browser it wouldn't work. But when I started PINGING Addresses via Command Prompt like it successfully responded! So I think I was close but I was missing something and so I decided to ask for help*

**THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HAS TAKEN THE TIME TO READ MY QUESTION FOR HELP, And apprecaite any suggestions or solutions given to help me with this. Please be specific as possible with Details on anything you may suggest or offer.


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January 26, 2016 at 20:43:29
Most wireless routers should be usable as a wireless access point but you need to disable the DHCP and a number of other settings. You will need the full manual which you can download from their websites. The chapter should be there labeled Using your Router as a Wireless Access Point. You are going to need a direct ethernet cable (Cat5 or higher) access to the network to make this work. The cable modem/router is the least likely to be a good or easy choice.
If you do not have Cat5 access to the network then you will need to purchase a Wifi Range Extender which the routers are not suitable for. These can take in a signal in a fairly strong area of your living area and extend a new area of coverage outward from that point.

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January 27, 2016 at 11:58:20
Deleted content; doesn't apply to the situation as posted.


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