Help connecting to the internet pls :(?

July 21, 2010 at 00:47:07
Specs: windows xp home 3 or something lol
PLEASE help me connect to the internet...i have my computer in my room that got a antivir virus while i was afk idk how it did it but it did and i did a system restore to like 3 weeks b4 that and the virus is gone but it wont let me connect to the internet...i have a dell computer...idk what kind ill look up any info that i need to... i have a dlink card and it worked fine untill now and when i try to connect with any browser it wont firefox it says i cant connect to the server at [URL here] and it wont even go to for the verizon router settings... ive tried turning on and off the router and that didnt help...also it goes in between saying connected and disconnected alot and all the other wireless computers work fine...even my ipod touch connects to the internet... ugh pls i dont wanna have to reload windows on it to fix it...pls help!

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July 21, 2010 at 07:19:33
In the case of a your PC being infected with a virus you should always use an antivirus program to remove the infection before doing anything else.

If you do a restore on an infected computer, this won't kill the infection.

We'll need some info to help you. Open a command prompt window (go to Start >> Run and type cmd and then hit enter) and type the following command;

ipconfig /all

Post the output of this in a reply here so we can see your PC's TCP/IP settings.

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