Solved Have 2 Routers on the same ADSL2 Internet Connection

March 8, 2013 at 17:50:15
Specs: Windows 7

I currently have a Router that is ADSL2 & VPN capable. It currently allows me to work from home and connect to work servers securely. I have used traceroute in CMD to determine that all web requests/traffic goes through the VPN server rather than just the requests to access files on the VPN server.

I don't feel comfortable having all my traffic now go through work servers(the VPN) so I would like to avoid this. I know I have 2 solutions:

- Use Split Tunelling on the router where only requests to files on the VPN server will go through the VPN server, all other traffic is not through the VPN. I have heard that this can compromise the whole network as one node is currently 'unsecured' and can affect/compromise the whole network. Is this true?
- Add a second Router that doesn't connect through the VPN. When I finish work I disconnect from the VPN Routers wireless connection and connect through the second routers wireless connection.

I would like to take solution 2 because I wont be compromising the whole network but I have some questions:

- Is this something you would recommend?
- Is it dangerous? Is it just as compromising as solution 1?
- In Australia we use physical Phone Splitters for our internet physical connection. One side of the splitter connects to a phone line port on the wall. The other side has 2 ports, one for the phone line connection and one for the router/adsl connection. If I have 2 routers I'll need a splitter that has more than 2 ports so I can connect the 2nd router to the internet. Are there Phone Splitters with more than 2 ports and do ISP's allow me to do this?

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March 8, 2013 at 20:48:40
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If you were using VPN client software at home, this would be a non issue. When you needed to access work, you'd click on the VPN and work. When you're done you would kill the VPN client software.

Check with your IT people at work and see if you can't do it that way instead of using a dedicated 24/7 VPN.

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