Hamachi like VPN with Internet - DRM Tunnel

August 6, 2011 at 06:31:57
Specs: Windows XP - SP2, 2.53/512
So, the long and the sort of it is as follows:

I have a friend and we like to play various co-op games. We buy the majority of them from Steam. We used to both be at the same university but I recently graduated and he still has one year left. The university employs traffic shaping.

During our time at university we had many problems with the DRM that a lot of new games are coming with, even the fact that we had two computers next to each other on the same network with internet access often was not enough to allow us to play as there was no lan option and the network would block communications over the internet (more often than not, you can see a list of games but not join any of them)

A note here about the network: my university does allow online gaming but only when pre-configured. For instance, WOW, counter-strike, left-4-dead and other popular steam games are available and work fine (until source engine patches come along and break them for a while) but they will not add new games ad-hoc.

Sometimes, downloading ‘backup copies’ of these games gets around these issues, but not always.

We have tried many things to get games working through the network. They do allow SSH tunnels and I have a full Linux box at a data centre that I can use. We can sometimes get games to work by using Proxifier and a Linux tunnel but this has about a 20% success rate and only really works on older games.

I am now free from the university network but he is not, so our problems persist. Seeing as I have a linux box and all it is currently used for is SSH tunnelling, is there anything I can do with it to make it into some sort of VPN server, similar to Hamachi but with internet access.

The goal would be to allow a computer (windows 7) connected to it to simply have a connection appear in the control panel that would act like a normal wired lan with internet access. Applications could use this as normal and then (fingers crossed) online gaming would work? Behind the scenes the VPN or whatever would punch through the firewall and tunnel everything seamlessly.

Tldr: how do I make all the new DRM games work in a similar way to playing lan over Hamachi through a firewall but with an internet connection.

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August 12, 2011 at 15:53:37
In answer to my own question, i got some help elsewhere and got it working really well, i wrote a tutorial here: http://www.howtoforge.com/node/6289

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