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Solved Get Wifi Signal To House 200 FT Away Through Metal Building

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Have two desk top pc’s in metal building office they are operating by way of DSL modem my provider is Century Link. I purchased a WRT 54Gl linksys wireless router hoping I would be able to get a WIFI signal to my house. I have no live phone lines in my home just the one in my metal building , how can I get a signal through the metal building to my home in order to use wifi on my Ipod and Iphone . Keep in mind I am 200 ft from my home and have a wooden shop and another metal building to go through to get to my home. Please help I’m tech illiterate II


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  1. The first, and most important cosideration with doing a cable run is total length of the cable. Maximum segment length for a Cat 6 (I wouldn’t bother with 5e if you go this route) is 100 meters. I wouldn’t exceed 80 m as in my own experience, you can start having attenuation isses at lengths exceeding 80 m. It gets worse if you’re running the cable near anything that can cause interferance.

    Now, I’ve run a lot of cable in my time and I always prefer a wired solution over a wireless one so if it were me, I’d pull wire. However, instead of running through buildings, I’d dig a trench and use some 1.5″ diameter PVC type pipe and I’d pull several cables instead of just one. But that’s me. I’d rather have it buried 6′ deep and not have to worry about the cable being cut accidentally.

    Your solution will work and if you are approaching 80 m in total length of the run, you could always put a small switch in the other building you’d be running through. This would act as a repeater and give you two shorter cable runs to deal with.

    If you go with a wired solution you’ll want to know the best way to interconnect the two routers. For more information on how to do that simply click on my name above in this response and read my “how-to” guide titled, “Add a second Router to your LAN

    In your case I would recommend using version 1 wherein you interconnect the two routers LAN port to LAN port.

    Having said all that, I originally mentioned using two wireless point-to-point antennas because they’re relatively easy to setup. They’re as simple to aim as pointing your finger, and if you buy the right ones, easy to configure, install and are reliable. I’ve worked with EnGenius equipment in the past and I would use this before going with a wired solution as the wired solution, no matter whether you run through existing buildings leaving exposed cable outside between buildings….or you use the method I would and bury it….wired is going to be a lot more work to install.

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